You can now select which notifications your bot send to your linked chats. - by poohty_t on 2020-08-29 23:32:59
poohty_t on 2020-08-29 23:32:59
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Hello everyone, back with another announcement of a new feature added to DaddyLeagues for the new madden season.

You may now select exactly which notifications you do and don’t want going to your linked chats with the bot.

1-Simply link (if you haven’t already) your groupme/discord/slack chats to the bot by going to your admin page
2-select social media
3- then click the integration for the chat type you use.Then follow the instructions on the page
4- Once chat is linked with bot, go to your admin page
5- select settings
6- click the box next to the word of each thing you want a notification to be sent to your chat.
7- Click save notifications

Options are - Roster Notifications, Scores , League Advance , Twitch Streams , Trade Console

Hope you enjoy the improvements. With this addition, DaddyLeagues is trying to give the users more options to customize things to fit each individual leagues needs.

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TonyaMSmith on 2023-05-11 07:43:28
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With the latest update, users can now have more control over the notifications they receive from their linked chats with bots. This feature is particularly useful for those who live in busy areas such as Ft Myers Beach and may be inundated with notifications throughout the day. By being able to select which notifications to receive, users can better manage their time and stay focused on the most important messages. This also helps to reduce the overall clutter in the chat, making it easier to find and respond to relevant information.

tonyadam on 2023-09-19 03:45:20
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I genuinely appreciate and enjoy the noticeable improvement. puckdoku

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