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This is GOAT Madden League! GOAT Madden League is a league that serves as a safe haven for players that wish to escape from the head to head nonsense (running up the score, same play all game, going for every fourth down, etc.....). This league is about having fun with other SIM Madden players. This is an All-Pro, Non-Fantasy, Simulation, Madden League for the PS4 with Superstar Abilites, Breakout Scenarios, and Development Trait Regression turned OFF. There is a raffle at the end of each season for a $100 cash prize. In order to qualify for the raffle, you need to play at least 12 of your regular season games, whether against a user or the CPU. Discord app is required for communication. Check out the "Rules" tab for more info. If you are interested in joining this league, send the commissioner a message on DaddyLeagues, Discord, or PSN.
Commissioner Info
DaddyLeagues User Name: ChilliBud
Discord Tag: ChilliBud#9728
PSN: ChilliBud
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Season 1 of 6 - Postseason - Super Bowl
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