10 – Indianapolis Colts 1st Round, 10th Pick – Oregon

RE – JaWuan Monroe – 6’4” 258 – 21 Years old

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by DMoney | 1 week ago | 0 Comments | League News

1st round pick grades. If i made any mistakes oh well:

1st I Thomas (WSH) Grade: B
Only stat that pops out is 78zcv. Not that fast, not great at pass rushing or vs run. Will be an elite coverage LB you don't have to worry about usering.

2nd K Waller CB (TB) Grade: B+
Kind of like the previous pick, solid player already at 80mcv. ZCV needs to increase but only time will tell how fast that goes up.

3r: D Butler RB (OAK) Grade: A
I ...

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It’s time to evaluate the NFC. For this evaluation I’m going to include NFC cap ranking as well for a closer look at the budgeting each team will need moving forward. Although it’s wildly inaccurate, I’m going to include the 3-year prediction to show the natural progression/regression of each team factoring in age, cap, division, skill etc. I will not discuss offense and defense skill or position...

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by DingusPingus | 2 weeks ago | 1 Comments | League News

Every year I ask myself, if I had a great team how well would I do in lg? The answer is, I’m a mediocre player that needs an elite team to compete. I’d argue that same basic rule applies to a good percentage of players in our ever-evolving communi...

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SF 49ers (7-8-1)

We start with the human joystick, Matt Breida led a dominant run game amassing over 1600yds in the season. Although they finished with a losing record, there’s plenty of promise in SF.  Their front 7 are among the best but they have to do a better job against the run, finishing 22nd. Although Breida had the wiggle sticks, Jimmy G threw too many picks (31) to be an efficient offense.

Biggest need: WR


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