You can hear the coughs in the distance. The faint shuffling of feet right outside. A scream or two in the night. You feel a tightness in your chest and your throat closing. The Tiers are here. 

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Your name was made on
Opposite Day. Doo Doo Kid?
No. Lovely Smell Man.


Music taste is great
Curt is also v handsome
Mr. Steal Yo Girl


Aaron: real life friend
Even with alien hands
He's still my homie


Blaise: Great lg member
But better father, husband
And friend to us all


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I believe there is a story behind every single player in lg. I’ve made it a point to use, what I believe to be, an accurate Tiered system to help tell a fuller story. One that shows each of your paths and how likely it is that you get to the playoffs and ultimately the Superbowl. 

I’ve applied Tiered data to each team to determine their individual strength of schedule (SOS). Every team was given a weighted number that represents their skill level. The lower the ...

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Another season of Austin's tier list and I have decided to put his yearly tier list into tiers. I will also analyze his tiers a little bit as well but I'm going to jump right into it.


Tier 1:

Austin's 2022 Tier list

I think it's fairly obvious his most recent tier list is his best. Spreading out tier 2 was a good idea and I feel it's just more accurate overall. I do have a few gripes with it though. Ace should be the nu...

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This past season (season 3) was fairly predictable. We see the same teams make it to the SB every year. Those teams are now solidified as Tier 1’s for the remainder of Madden 20. Where things took a slight turn…was Tier 2. I’m introducing yet another rating layer, a Tier within a Tier. There is now a Tier 2a and Tier 2b. Tier 2a’s follow the same criteria as last year’s Tier 2’s, however, Tier 2b’s are a slightly different animal. 2b’s have ...

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The World’s Worst Mock

By Zac Zielinski


It is that time of the year again. lg is slowing dying as we near the end of this year’s Madden cycle. We are finishing our 5th season of Madden 18 and lgers are dropping like Derek’s pants at an all-male brothel. Much like every year, around this time, we are struggling to preserve everyone’s interest in lg.

That’s where “Draft SZN” comes in. With...

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2020 Year in Review Ya Dingus 

Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions when it came to my rankings. People were heated, bewildered, annoyed, happy, thrilled, ecstatic, and depressed. Look, when you have to rank players in this league there are a few key things you have to realize, WE ARE ALL FAIRLY GOOD PLAYERS. Most of the players in this league will beat an average Joe off the street, or simply beat him off. 

That’s when I realized...

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10 – Indianapolis Colts 1st Round, 10th Pick – Oregon

RE – JaWuan Monroe – 6’4” 258 – 21 Years old

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1st round pick grades. If i made any mistakes oh well:

1st I Thomas (WSH) Grade: B
Only stat that pops out is 78zcv. Not that fast, not great at pass rushing or vs run. Will be an elite coverage LB you don't have to worry about usering.

2nd K Waller CB (TB) Grade: B+
Kind of like the previous pick, solid player already at 80mcv. ZCV needs to increase but only time will tell how fast that goes up.

3r: D Butler RB (OAK) Grade: A
I ...

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