How to update site after a game has been played

Ok, so your in your current week ,and a few games have been played and you want to update your site. Here is a good way to know when the game gets played and how to update your site quickly.

1.On the Madden Companion App, go under its settings ( a gear symbol in bottom right), and enable notifications.Now once a game is played in your league , you will see a notification on your phone that says -New Franchise League Game Results!

2. After you get a notification like that on your phone. Open the app, go to export page. Now unlike after advancing the week, here you will want to select for the weekly stats section, change that from where it says "all weeks" and change it manually to only the current week you are in.

3. Hit export after you have done step # 2 . Your site should update pretty quickly as well as your groupme or discord chats if you have them intergrated already.

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