Initial League Sync Tutorial

After you have created you league you can now go to your new website! When you get there you will see your ADMIN TAB in your leagues menu bar. To get your league setup follow these steps:

1. Download the Madden Companion App ( Found in app store on your phone)

2. Enter your Origin Sign in info on the APP

3. Select the league you want to sync on the app.

4. Click "export" on the bottom right of the app.

5. Go to your admin page on your leagues website,If you scroll down you see the words Madden 19 Sync in big letters. Just under that is a specific , case sensitive , URL . You must enter that URL exactly as you see it, in the box on the app where it asks for a URL to export your league data to.


     A- Send league info and Weekly Stats ( Pick All Weeks )

     B- Send League Info and Rosters

7. Go to your league page and refresh it . You should see the data pretty quickly.

8. If you do not see the data within a minute, or all the data is not correct or incomplete ,go under admin page again and scroll down to the "clear cache" button and hit it.

9. You should then go to your homepage and it should be straightened out.

Now your league has completed its initial syncing process is now ready to advance week by week along with your CFM. Check our Weekly Advance Process for directions.

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