Forum Setup Tutorial

Forums are a great way to organize your league. In this tutorial I wil show you how to setup your forums and the categories associated with them.

1. Go to you leagues website and click ADMIN.

2. Click FORUMS

3. You'll see 2 buttons... Manage Categories and Manage Forums. Click MANAGE CATEGORIES

4. Create a name for your category. "Front Office" Category could house forums like Trade Blocks, Waiver Wires and such. You make them what you want to. Assign a priority to your category. 0 is highest priority.

5. After you create a category click ADMIN>FORUMS again and this time click the MANAGE FORUMS button.

6. Just like categories all you need to do is create a name for your forum and assign priority to it. The select which category to place the forum in using the drop down selection field.While creating your forums , you may also set specific permissions for each one , on who is allowed to see them, post to them , start new ones.All permissions can be adjusted by admins.

7. After you initially create the forum you can go back in and edit it's priority, which category it resides in, and also add forum descriptions as well.

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