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Welcome to Legends Never Die League Site! Use this information to gain a competitive edge on your opponents and stay one step ahead of the game! If interested in joining Legends Never Die please click the JOIN button with the 2 LND Icons! Thanks for stopping by... We'll see you on the field!

NFC North

Member: Chitownhero01

Member: TravisTheRadish

Member: Gladiatorx115x

Member: CPU

NFC East

Member: DallasDiamondOG

Member: Geezyy502

Member: DPYF

Member: CPU

NFC South

Commissioner: HandheldBL

Member: TRav1zzle

Member: KINGPHA76

Member: onesockbeater

NFC West

Member: Credell52

Member: AME502

Member: MiltThaStilt

Commissioner: Stickemup502

AFC North

Member: StageAbyss5540

Member: CPU

Commissioner: RedRah19

Member: CPU

AFC East

Member: CPU

Member: KingTheron92

Member: Ophiee013

Member: mwillmadeit850

AFC South

Member: Hurricane Judge

Member: Cermiit

Member: MikeMambaa

Member: CPU

AFC West

Member: Sky Voxi

Member: carterbond81012

Member: DizzyKing058

Member: KeviDoesIt

Week will advance every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 9:00pm EST.

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NFC Playoff Race
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NFC Standings
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