Jags Coach Tizel Mulling Options

by poohty_t | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

The Jags season seemed to be off to a good start going 2-0 in the first two weeks. However the last 3 weeks already has fans in Jacksonville calling for the team to find a better QB. To say that Blake Bortles has struggled the last few weeks , would be a huge understatement. He has thrown almost a season worth of ints in those 3 weeks - 13 . While for 2 weeks he has thrown none, in 1 week he threw 1 , then has thrown 7 and 6 in the other two games.

Tizel seems rather frustrated with his QB at this time "Look Blake knows good and well his job is not secure here.I would like t o see him succeed . But if he keeps putting our team in bad situations, we may have to figure out something else. I dont care how much money he is owed, if he is hurting the team too much or causing issues on this team, he will be riding the bench or getting shipped off. He knows he needs to practice more and stop forcing throws. Of course some of his ints he has thrown , were super plays made by the defense who seemingly jumped from no where to get them, an int is an int at the end of the day and they hurt our team. We must strive to get on the positive side of our turnover differntial."

Both games , they still somehow managed to still be in the games and keep it close. Of course its only because of their stout defense. But some are starting to wonder , if this continues thruout the year, how that could effect the locker room unity if the defense has to keep being called upon to try to save the team only for Bortles to give the ball right back to the opposing team and keeping this defense on the field too much.

The Jags already made a big trade moving a couple of really big pieces from this defense. Mainly done as a way to free up cap going forward for the teams future, they still will be missing Bouye and Jackson on the defensive side of the ball. When asked about the trade ,Tizel had this to say "Managing a team is tough. You have to try to win now, but at the same time you need to keep a focus on the teams future. Maximizing everything you can, to make sure you have enough money to resign as many guys as you can. Bouye and Jackson were for sure staples here for many years. We had to make some tough choices to try to help open cap for our future.We had younger guys who need to get some experience on the fields as well in order to help them improve. There is no teacher better than experience in the moments. We hope these guys can in future years make up for the loss of those two guys."

In week 6 they face the 1-4 Cowboys, but after that, their schedule is not a pretty one. Facing the 4-1 Texans, 4- 1 Eagles before their bye week. They are looking like a very unlikely .500 team at their break in week 9. So they know the struggle to make the playoffs looks slim right now, they also know they must just stay focused, one game at a time right now. Still alot of season left to go . "Look , we are not happy about the last 3 weeks, but they are behind us now. We are focusing on the Cowboys whom is in front of us tonight. We have always had close games against coach Finn. We expect this to be no different. We just have to protect the ball and if we do, I think we stand a chance to bring us back up to .500 this week. One game, one opponent at a time is what we are looking at. Bortles needs to be better. Our oline needs to play much better as well in pass protection and the run game. In all honesty , our defense is not doing that great by the numbers, but they are on the field so much the last few games, its wearing them out. We must protect the ball to keep them fresher longer in the game. This week is a clean slate and a time we need to turn this ship around before we dig ourselves in a hole we cant get out of . Nothing kills the morale of your players spirit than having almost double the mount of losses as wins standing at week 10 .We gotta fight to keep that from happening." said Tizel .