Draft Season is upon us in Season 37! I decided to throw together a quick mock draft that I plan on improving in the future! Let me know what you think! Did I guess the pick right?

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With the MBL Season winding down, many teams have turned their attention to the draft. We wanted to look back at the MBL Season 34 draft and see how the class looks 3 seasons later. Like any draft, we saw some real steals and some real stinkers. How did your pick grade out? Read o...

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The 2021 Broncos took some great leaps and finally saw a winning season for the Broncos fans to enjoy. They have gone from 4 to 6 and now 9 wins in the current owner’s tenure. They finally looked like a unit that has found an identity. In the end, it was not enough as a loss to the Jets kept them out of the playoffs via a tie breaker. How did the season go for them? Let's dive in!



What went right

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Hey guys, appreciate everyone's patience while I was in SF.  I have tabulated all of the standings so this will be a long article.  I will post each weekly result with the names of those entering the XBL GC Drawing for being best during a week.  Let's go!

Week 10: Bomber, Gov, Taut, Ntrain, Jamie, Bob

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The season 35 draft class brought in tons of talent at many positions; perhaps most notably at the QB Position. We're now 2 years removed and had plenty of opportunity to see what these players bring to their teams as well as what to expect moving forward. In this article we'll be revisiting the top 5 QBs from the draft. 


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Last chance for 1k!!! Remember to put 2 extra picks!

SF vs LAR (LAR -11.5) O/U 38

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AFC North:


1. Do not resign the injury riddled veteran DT Geno Atkins. He is making just over $15M this season and has missed multiple games due to various injuries. Look in the draft or FA to replace the veteran.

2. Cut WR AJ Green this offseason. Next season, he will be making $17M, but with only a $4M cap hit, it is best for the team to move on from the veteran WR. John Ross has taken over the top WR on t...

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Coming down to the wire, don't forget your 2 filler picks!


SF vs DET (DET -28.5) O/U 44

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