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                                                           [1] MBL Gameplay Rules - TOP OF THE PAGE
                       [2] MBL Roster Management Rules & Regulations  -  BELOW GAMEPLAY RULES
                               [3] MBL Trade Rules & Regulations - BELOW ROSTER MANAGEMENT RULES
                                       [4] MBL Hall Of Fame Rules & Regulations - BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

                                                       ::::::::::::::MBL CONTENTS OF RULES PAGE:::::::::::::::::::

MBL MISSION STATEMENT - "Creating an ideal SIM environment in which OWNERS build teams through Free Agency, MBL Draft, and Development. Strict Trade Rules are used to maintain identity and realism of teams while promoting the SIM culture MBL is attempting to create. There are plenty of SIM leagues that allow unrealistic trading and non strategic gameplay, but if you are looking for something more life like then you have came to the right place. Lets play Chess not Checkers" -Bomber-

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Gameplay - We Play MBL SIM [Realistic playcalling, Strategic situational football]

Difficulty - All Madden

Quarter Length - 6 Min Quarters

Accelerated Clock - Off

Advance Time - 3 Times a Week / We advance every 48-60 Hours

Game Scheduling – Owners MUST contact their opponent within 24 hours of advance. Failure to do so may result in an auto-loss.

Communication - GroupME App

                                                                    ::::::::::::::Team Twitter Expectations:::::::::::::::::::

MBL - We have an expectation of activity on Twitter and would like to see a consistent activity of tweets from owners to maintain our full immersion experience. Each owner is required to tweet at least once each in game week. Generally after each game or a team update of some type. These tweets are required to be filled with detail. Consistently short tweets will not be acceptable. This is now the expectation to all owners. As we grow our activity needs to grow and be consistent. This will also help in the judgement of HOF consideration and team selection in next years Madden. -MBL Admin Team

MBL Team Tweets Rules
For a tweet to count as a legitimate team tweet, the post game score must be included. This is to verify that each team is tweeting after each game, per MBL rules.
1 missed tweet = Warning
2 missed tweets = loss of 4th round pick
3 missed tweets = loss of 3rd round pick
4 missed tweets = loss of 2nd round pick
5 or more can lead to possible removal from the league.

                                                                                ::::::::::::::MBL MVP Selection::::::::::::::
League MVP will now be chosen by the league to show who truly was the most valuable player! The admin team will pick the top 5 candidates at the conclusion of week 17. Leading up until the Super Bowl the league will vote on these 5 candidates with the winner being announced prior to the Super Bowl (In the case of a split decision, the admin team will cast their votes between the top 2 candidates to determine the winner)

                                                                                ::::::::::::::Statistics Guidelines::::::::::::::
Formulas to determine abuse on the season (Players must play 6 games for these to apply)

WR YARDS (determining excessive targets)
WR1 = WR2 + WR3 (sub TE) + 100 yards <~~ the max WR1 can be ahead of the team

Yards Per Catch IN AIR (determines long ball targets)
NO WR should average over 16.5 YPC after RAC is taken out

YPC - RAC per catch = True Yards Per Catch in AIR

You have 6 Games before the YPC threshold will be applied each season.
After 6 Games played your receiver must have either 15 catches or 250 receiving yards for YPC threshold to apply.

YPC and WR1 Threshold Violations

In Season (After 6 games played):
1st Violation - 2 game player suspension
2nd Violation - 1 game owner + 4 game player (includes sitting player in owner suspension game)
3rd Violation - 2 game owner + 6 game player (includes sitting player in owner suspension game)

End Of Season (After Week 14):
1st - In Season 1st + 3rd Round Draft Pick
2nd - In Season 2nd + 2nd Round Draft Pick
3rd - In Season 3rd + 1st Round Draft Pick

Example A: WR YPC is found to be over in Week 9, and is an owner 1st violation within 5 season statue of limitations, that WR would be suspended 2 games.

Example B: At end of season, a WR is found to be over YPC for the second time in 5 season window. The total punishment would be 1 game owner + 4 game players + loss of 2nd Round Draft Pick in upcoming draft.

                                                                        ::::::::::::::MBL Statue of Limitations::::::::::::::
If you are on a “Final Warning” you can not break a rule for 2 FULL SEASONS.
After 2 Seasons your final Warning is lifted.

Breaking an MBL Rule Statute of Limitations is 5 seasons. After 5 seasons infractions will not be counted against you.
For example in Season 23 You broke a rule, and in Season 29 you break another rule. Season 29 will be looked at as if you never broke a rule before and will be given the minimum penalty for offense.

                                                                           ::::::::::::::MBL Penalty System::::::::::::::
Penalties for breaking rules will be as follows:

1st offense- Warning
2nd offense- Player Suspension
3rd offense- Owner Suspension
4th offense- Longer Owner Suspension
5th offense- Loss of draft pick(s) determined by admins
All offenses beyond this point, if not resulting in removal of league, will continue to remove draft picks from the owner

*Breaking a MAJOR rule may result in an immediate player or owner suspension*
*All penalties subject to change based on severity of rules broken*

                                                                       ::::::::::::::Madden Bomber League Rules::::::::::::::
**The MBL Staff has the right to add to ,and or revise any rule at anytime to create a Better MBL SIM League**

                                                                              ::::::::::::::MBL GAMEPLAY RULES ::::::::::::::
1] 4TH DOWN RULE [You can go for it if it fits one of these scenarios]
     A] **1st through 3rd Quarter** 4th and 2 or shorter , On your opponents 38-43 Yard Line. [Dead Man Zone]
     B] ** 3rd Quarter** Down by 17 points or more.
     C] **4th Quarter and Winning** at the 50 and closer. (on opponents side of the field)
     D] **4th Quarter and losing** Losing by any amount.
     E] **Over Time**You can go for it at your own risk.

2] Strategically mixing up your Offense and Defense is REQUIRED. /// NO ABUSE ///Running the same defense or throughout the game is NOT allowed. You shouldn't call the same play on OFFENSE more than 1 time in a single game. Defense should be 70% Strength [If your teams strength is Man Coverage you should run Man 70% Zone 30% not more than 70% either way] If There is a stream providing evidence of less than 30% man or zone, it will result in a 2 game owner suspension.
  A] On OFFENSE, you should mix up runs and passes, no more than 75% either way. This will be monitored multiple times a season starting after the fourth week of each season.

3] You are NOT allowed to Intentionally CHEW CLOCK until there is LESS than 2 MINUTES left in 4TH QUARTER.

    A] You can not RUN UP THE SCORE/ If you have a 4 possession lead or more you must play accordingly/ Use conservative play calling just as they would do in the NFL, run the ball to keep clock running, as finishing the game with healthy players becomes priority in this situation.
    B] This does NOT mean you have to run the ball all three plays. You can always attempt to gain the first down but there is a difference between being aggressive and trying to get first down to continue running clock.
   C] The user who is losing should never allow opponent to score and or encourage the opponent to play agressive in order to get the ball back attempting to get more stats for any player. Creating a statistical game within the actual game is not SIM.
   D] If under the 2 minute warning, and opponent does not have enough timeouts to receive the ball back you must take a knee. ANYTIME a knee or kneel downs are able to expire the remainder of the clock you must do so.
-No One player should have 3 TDs or more vs CPU UNLESS ITS QB
-QB should not have over 4 TDs and Not exceed 325 yards passing Yards as a team
-No WR should have MORE than 7 receptions
-HB should not exceed 150 rushing yards as a team
-The Opposing (CPU) QB should not have more than 4 INT in game
-No INJURIES ON EITHER SIDE ***Any injuries found will result in the suspension of a  Comparable Player CHOSEN BY ADMIN for Duration [Length] of INJURY***

5] You must rush at minimum 3 players. You cannot pick a play that rushes three players then drop one back into coverage. You can not choose plays that only rush 2 players.

6] You are only allowed to user move 1 Individual pre snap and you must Stay on that Player until the ball is hiked/ This does not include Position Shifts to the D-Line, LB, or Secondary adjustments. [Ex. D Line adjust left / CB Show Blitz  / LB Spread ]

7] When "USERING" a player on defense, you must stay within the zone in play art or expanded zone area ( defined as including the area between two neighboring zones, but only over to the border of the next zone )
      You MUST STRAFE (Hold LT) if you user the defender in ZONE coverage (This does NOT apply to man coverage). Without strafing, you risk penalty after the league reviews video complaints. There is NO running wildly all over / side to side without strafing in zone coverage UNLESS the QB has released the ball. Once the ball is released the play is LIVE and you can run (sprint) anywhere needed in Zone or Man coverage.
      You do not have to strafe when usering man to man coverage but must remain on the man from the play art.
      If you are set to user a play and the opponent runs a PLAY ACTION play and you bite on the play action, you are allowed to continue after the QB to make a sack, or drop back WITHIN your zone. (Obvious Football Play)
      If you are usering a player you are allowed to pursue any SCREEN PLAY like it is a run play.
      If you are usering a player you are allowed to pursue a QB that is rolling out of the pocket or looking to scramble.
      If WITHOUT A DOUBT we can tell the USER (NOT THE CPU) moved a USER controlled player and switched off him PRESNAP then it will be ruled a VIOLATION.
      When usering a Deep Blue Zone you are allowed to sprint (if needed) to run with an offensive player that is running a route deeper that is headed behind you because the Deep Blue is responsible for anything going behind (overtop) his zone as well.
      If your opponent uses playmaker or the receiver breaks his route in a playmaker way you can sprint to cover that receiver, as long as you are in coverage. This applies to man or zone coverage.

(Playmaker is used to push a receiver into an open spot during a broken play, or after a route has finished and a receiver breaks)

For example if you are on the CB on the left side in a deep blue, and the offensive player is on a streak, then you can sprint (if needed) to play him over the top.

Same example as above but this time the offensive player is running a post, You are NOT allowed to sprint and follow him across the field.

** all general zone rules apply except you are allowed to run with a receiver to protect the over the top pass in your deep blue zone***

8] If you wish to change the defensive adjustments & assignments (defined below) it must be in a realistic and non-robotic fashion.
A] You can always change over top, underneath,  play the sticks, D-line, & LB shifts. These are defensive adjustments.
      You can always change from a Purple Zone to Hard Flat / Cloud Cover and vise versa by covering underneath or cover over top in the adjustment presnap menu. These are defensive adjustments.
-This is NOT considered a part of the 3 times that you are allowed to manually change a players zone.
-These are defensive adjustments, not zone changes or changes to assignments.
- You may USER players who have changed due to a DEFENSIVE ADJUSTMENT.
- Defensive adjustments may be made an unlimited amount during a game.
(Defensive Adjustment is defined as changing to Hard Flat, Cloud Cover, using the adjustment presnap menu.)
B] You can only change a Players Assignment 3 times in a single game.
- You are still not allowed to user a PLAYER who has had their assignment MANUALLY changed.
(Manual Change is defined as changing a specific players assignment.)
An example of a manual change would be changing a player who is blitzing into zone coverage.

9] Maximum of 4 HB/FB screens per game.  [This does not include WR or TE Screens]
      Maximum of 2 Wildcat plays may be ran per game.

10] If you manually motion players they must be set for at least 1-2 seconds prior to hiking the football.

11]  ALL punts no matter where you are on the field need to land in a catchable area. A catchable area is defined as the returner being able to catch the ball with 2 feet in bounds and not be immediately out of bounds. The ball is allowed to bounce in bounds first (as long as it is a catchable ball) and then go out of bounds after it hits. CUFF PUNTING IS NO LONGER ALLOWED

12] You may not snap the ball and instantly roll out. There must be pressure or a player about to break free of a block to be able to roll out. If you suspect your opponent of doing so, you MUST record it and submit to Lipp.

13] We have witnessed multiple instances in which a Sky Punt against wind creates a punt that is extremely short & high in air  resulting in a fumble (uncatchable punt bouncing off head of returner ) so in turn the Sky punt feature is now BANNED, you may no longer use this option when punting.

14] -If your game disconnects at any point during the 1st half or in close game you will MOCK game back to Quarter/Possession/Score unless BOTH owners agree to replay from beginning. If ONE owner wants to MOCK game then it will be MOCKED back to SCORE/QUARTER/POSSESSION.
-If game is disconnected at end of the 3rd [less than 2 minutes] or later and it is a blowout [up 22 points or more] then the User that is Winning can choose to MOCK game back to that point or PLAY CPU putting other user on Auto Pilot.
-In the 4th quarter with 3 minutes or less if you are down 17 points or more and game DC then the USER that is AHEAD can play CPU to get the WIN, while the USER that was LOSING will put himself on Auto Pilot.
*** If a game DC and the team losing is down by 18 or more points, and due to time constraints, the USER who is winning does not have time to mock back the game, then the MBL Committee will make decision based on time left and possession to determine whether the team down 19 points should be forced to take a supersim LOSS. ***
***You may only take a FORCED WIN 3 times in one season.***

15] You may not sub people in to play positions that they are not of. However you may sub in a player of HB or WR to play in the Wildcat formation. This will be the only exception.

16]  You are NOT allowed to SQUIB kick when the return team is in onside recovery formation

                                                                      ::::::::::::::ROSTER MANAGEMENT RULES::::::::::::::
1] Starting with season 1 of a Madden cycle, you may not make any player position changes to a NEW position.
(FS to SS, lineman etc are ok)

2] Teams must have a roster meets league requirements at all times, no excuses. If your roster does not meet league rules you will not be able to process any trades and are subject to possible penalties.

3] You are ONLY allowed to CUT players who are 79 overall and LOWER during season to make room for cap. Any player that is HIGHER than 79 OVERALL must be released during the OFFSEASON (Re Sign Stage or FA Stage) to prevent collusion and allow for all teams to bid through Free Agency. Teams must maintain 53 players and not go over 15 million in cap penalty. These overalls will be determined by the players DaddyLeagues rating.  ** NO EXCEPTIONS **

4] All SKILL[QB RB FB TE WR] Players must PLAY NATURAL POSITION for example :You can not add RB to the WR position on the Depth Chart
***ALSO*** ALL positions on Depth Chart must have first TWO SPOTS filled  with  APPROVED players.
-For example  Safeties must have 2 SAFETIES in first two spots on depth chart & the 3rd can be filled by CB if you don't have the  additional safety on Roster..
***The 3rd TE Spot may be a TE, FB, or OLINE only; No WR or HB***
***The FB position may have a TE at the 2nd spot***

5] RLE, RRE can be mixture of OLB and DE


SubLBer must be 1. MLB 2 Any LBer 3 Any LBer 4. Any LBer

SLCB can be CB or Safety

6] Owners Must Have 2 Quarterbacks on your teams roster at all times.

7] Owners must carry at least 3 DEFENSIVE TACKLES on your roster.
     Owners must carry at least 3 MIDDLE LINEBACKERS on your roster.
     Owners must carry at least 8 TOTAL OFFENSIVE LINEMEN on your roster.
     Owners must carry at least 5 CORNERBACKS on your roster.

8] The following positions may be moved from Left to Right or Right to Left without Admin Approval. These players will be playing the SAME POSITION, but playing the opposite side.
- All offensive lineman can be moved to any of the offensive line positions

9]  A] You are NOT ALLOWED to cut players and then Re Sign them to a cheap one year Contract during Season. [Must Wait till offseason Free Agency if you plan on Cutting a player to Re-Sign him to a different contract]
      B] When resigning / offering free agent contracts, 5 year max unless you can provide screenshot of player asking for 6 years or 7 years

10] Any player acquired by trade or offseason free agent signing can not be traded the first season on the team. Free Agents signed to contracts in offseason must be on your roster an entire year before a player is TRADE ELGIBLE.

11] Cap Penalty must NOT exceed 15 Million/ Trades that will exceed the 15 million cap penalty during any season current or future will be denied by Trade Committee.

12]  FIRED AS OWNER  if CPU CUTS player who was under contract he remains untouchable in FA but u can only sign him to one year deal and you will have the opportunity to sign him to a long term contract next season if both parties reach agreement, if not then he will be a FA .
        If you are fired as an owner, you are NOT allowed to use FUNDS (bonus) in contracts offered during that initial Free Agency period.

13] If a DC occurs in a game and a player or players were injured prior to DC, the owner will be required to sit that player(s) for the average length of games for that injury. This prevents any owners from intentionally DCing in order to get the player back.

14] In order to keep the authenticity and sim style to our league, you may not change numbers of players. Times where this is acceptable will be
-signing FA to give him his real number
-changing rookies who come in unusual
-to keep legendary players numbers out of use if desired

15] To keep names from getting out of hand & keep some form of realism, you may NOT change names of players (real players & incoming rookies). You may not change a QB throwing motion, style, or throwing hand.

16] If you use "Depth Chart" on CB Matchups in the Coaching Adjustments menu you can matchup Player for Player by mirroring your CB Depth Chart to match your opposing teams WR Depth Chart.

17] Owners are not permitted to cut any player over a 79 overall. This applies to practice squad as well. No one 79 and over may be moved to the practice squad. This will be based on DaddyLeagues ratings.
       Owners who sign a player from another teams practice squad must keep that player on the active roster for the remainder of the MBL season.

18] When sending in player position changes make sure they meet the following:

In order to move an OLB to DE the player must meet the weight of 260 pounds.
In order to move a DE to DT the player must meet the weight of 300

19] You may not use Package Sub formations in game that put players in positions that are different then their actual position. You may use base formations that put players at different spots on the field but may not manually do so on your own or through package subs.

20] The 46 scheme may NOT be used as your teams defensive scheme, but you still are ALLOWED to run the 46 formation on defense while in game.
This change is because the 46 is not a prominent defensive scheme in the NFL anymore, so you are not allowed to use it to scheme fit players on your defense for XP. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

                                                                            ::::::::::::::MBL Owner Expectations::::::::::::::

1] Games should be scheduled within 24 Hours after the league has advanced [If you fail to contact your opponent within 24 hours of advance it could result in being placed on Auto Pilot].

2] *Preseason Scheduling*

We understand that scheduling in a 24 hour window can be difficult, but you are required to try and schedule a time to play your opponent. No more not playing games because you are scared of injuries, etc. Failure to not attempt to schedule can lead to disciplinary action

3] If you intentionally quit your game at any time for any reason other than a mutual agreement or approval by an ADMIN you will be BOOTED from the League. Complaining of a CHEESE PLAYER does not excuse intentional QUITTING/DISCONNECT. If you feel an OWNER is breaking one of the RULES or you have an issue with something that OWNER is doing, RECORD the GAME CLIP and it will be reviewed as soon as possible. Going on AUTO due to being out of playoffs Is NOT TOLERATED and faces Penalties. Going auto throughout Season is not TOLERATED without an appropriate excuse that's ACCEPTED by MBL Admin board.

4] It is against League policy to go on Auto Pilot because you are eliminated from making the playoffs. Each game counts, and affects the playoff scenario for the league, we want all playoff berths to be earned and fought for.
  A] Other than rare & completely unavoidable circumstances, owners will not be allowed more than 2 autos during the course of 2 seasons. If you go auto twice in one season, you will not be allowed an auto the following season.

5] If you are making a complaint about any owner you must in game VIDEO and as proof, if you do not have proof your complaint will be noted but just verbal from one person will not be sufficient enough for action but with enough verbal complaints an Owner could face a warning with Penalty if issue continues or Suspension of specific player or suspension of Owner on Auto Pilot or possible Boot.  [Bomber/Lipp/Oktoba/Ntrain will handle all complaints and punishments through the League GroupMe App]

6] Any excessive [non strategic/without reason] no huddles during times which it is not necessary is not allowed. This is a SIM league. Other user must provide video and warning will be given then 1 Game Suspension if Commissioner finds video evidence to prove excessive no huddle.

7] The following settings must be off. This is to have everyone playing with the same settings and have owners making their own decisions.

Coaching Tips OFF
On Field Visual Feedback OFF
Ball Carrier Special Moves MANUAL
Tutorial Pop-Ups OFF

Other settings you may change based on your own preference. If you are caught playing with these features you are subject to immediate removal from league.

                                                                                ::::::::::::::Free Agency In MBL::::::::::::::

Admins will be monitoring FA contracts and each contract will be subject to review and penalty of anything deemed unrealistic and unsim that takes away from MBL Full immersion experience. Owners can offer big contracts and even reach at players at times, but the excessive and abusive contracts will be limited in MBL

All players signed during the off-season Free Agency period who are at age 32 and under must be offered minimally a 2 year deal, even if they are only asking for a 1 year deal.
Players 33 and over may be offered any amount of years.


                                                                       ::::::::::::::Free Agency Bidding Process::::::::::::::

                ::::::::::::::All owners are required to send screenshots of bids to a member of the Stats Team::::::::::::::

1. If there is an existing bid on a player, you can bid up to the same number of points of leading bid. If you wish to increase the bid, it must be a minimum of a 10 point increase.  For example, Team A has a bid on Player Z for 50 points. You can place a bid on the same player for up to 50 points. If you would like to increase the bid on Player Z, you're point total would have to be a minimum of 60 points.

2. Once you remove a bid from a free agent you are no longer allowed to bid on that player.  Anyone found to be intentionally (excessively) running up bids to just to drop out will be penalized. Keep professionalism and respect for the league.

3. You are not allowed to lower a bid once it has been submitted. For example, if Team A and Team B are in a bidding war and Team A reached 75 points, then Team B drops, Team A must remain at 75 points. You can't reduce your bid simply because the other stopped bidding on the player.

4. In the event a Free Agent is signed and a final bid screenshot is not available, the team
will have to release the player(s) signed and will have to deal with the cap penalty. If the cap penalty is so excessive that the team is unable to get to the required 53 players, cap penalty will be cleared. If this done, that team will then forfeit their 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft, and will have trade rights revoked until the following seasons draft is complete.

5. Once you bid 100 points or MORE, you are locked in on that bid until the player signs a contract. You are NOT allowed to remove yourself from the bid regardless of where you are on the points leader list.

6. In FA bidding, the final hour before advance is no longer sniping hour. If advance is at 10 pm, starting at 9 pm, max bids are locked. If you had a current bid on a player but someone outbid you, you are allowed to match the point total of the highest bid.  If you did not have an existing bid on a player, you are not allowed to come in that hour and place a matching bid.

                ::::::::::::::All owners are required to send screenshots of bids to a member of the Stats Team::::::::::::::
                                   ::::::::::::::FREE AGENT PICK UP PRE-SEASON / REGULAR SEASON RULES::::::::::::::

1] You are allowed 1 OVER 79 FA per each Pre-Season Week
2] Unlimited signing of players 79 and under.
3] You are allowed 1 UDFA Rookie each preseason week. Unlimited once Week 1 Regular Season begins.
4] Regular Season you can pick up whomever you want from FA [Unless a player is deemed OFF-LIMITS]

                              ::::::::::::::ANY CHANGES MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO CHANGING IN GAME::::::::::::::

***We do NOT allow SKILL POSITION CHANGES. QB-HB-FB-TE-WR will NOT be allowed to change position. Also CB will NOT be allowed to move to safety, or vice versa. All other requests need to be sent up the chain for approval via information below.***

                                             ::::::::::::::SEND POSITION CHANGE REQUESTS TO OKTOBA::::::::::::::
                                                                      ***ALLOW 6 HOURS FOR RESPONSE***

                                                 ::::::::::::::IF YOU DO NOT GET PROPER APPROVAL::::::::::::::



                                                     ::::::::::::::MBL TRADE RULES & REGULATIONS::::::::::::::         
            ::::::::::::::Proposed  trades will be sent to the OKTOBA  He will Forward Trade to MBL Trade Committee::::::::::::::       

                                                   ::::::::::::::ALLOW 24-48 HOURS FOR RESPONSE::::::::::::::

1] Player overall rating must be 79 and under on DaddyLeagues.com website to be eligible to be traded.
2] Trade must be approved by Trade Committee prior to sending in game [ Allow 48 hours for response].
3] Max 2 Trades per season. [Resign Stage - Super Bowl]
4] A player on teams roster must complete a full season on your team before he can become eligible for Trade.
5] Rookies are NOT eligible for TRADES.
6] Players cannot be traded twice in same season.

                                                                  ::::::::::::::TRADE GUIDELINES ::::::::::::::

Oktoba will respond with an ACCEPTED or DENIED with a simple explanation.
It will not go beyond that and you are not to argue or debate because you will not receive another response.

When approving trades the admin team  evaluates players overall value at their position as well as the production from the previous year to determine the True Value of the player. 

When trading future picks - your next years draft position will be determined by averaging your previous 3 seasons win loss record and your Owner Statistics record.
For example: if your previous three season average a 6-10 record and your owner Statistics average a 10-6 record then your Next Season pick would be valued at 8-8.

That 8-8 will be placed into the draft order and valued at 75% of its point value.

Next years picks will be valued at 75% of the number on the picks sheet.

If you trade ANY futures, you lose ability to trade futures for 3 seasons.
Season 1 you trade futures.
Season 5 you can trade futures again

     A] If you trade your next years 1st round pick to gain an additional pick in the current draft, you will not be permitted to trade for another first round pick next draft. If you trade your next years first, then next year you will be required to "sit out" the first round.
Example: It is the 2015 draft, you trade your 2016 1st for an additional 2015 1st. You will not be allowed to trade for a 1st round pick in the 2016 draft.
     B] If you are a top 10 pick and trade back, you may not do so again the following year. If you are trying to trade next years first round pick, your winning percentage under Owner Statistics will be considered into the value.
     C] You are not allowed to trade a 1st round pick valued in the top 10 in consecutive years.

When approving trades the admin team  evaluates players overall value at their position as well as the production from the previous year to determine the True Value of the player.

When constructing a trade the TOTAL POINT DIFFERENTIAL must be within 15% of the HIGHEST pick involved in the trade.

Within Limit
Team A Sends:
2nd Round (34) - 560
2nd Round (46) - 440
Total - 1000

Team B Sends:
1st Round (20) - 850
4th Round (116) - 62
Total - 912

Highest point value is the 1st round pick, so we take 15% of that as allowable margin, (127.5 points). Team A Total (1000) - Team B Total (912) = 88 point differential, which is less than the 127.5 points allowed, so trade would be good to submit to admins for approval.

Not in Limit
Team A Sends:
2nd Round (34) - 560
2nd Round (46) - 440
3rd Round (66) - 260
Total - 1260

Team B Sends:
1st Round (20) - 850
4th Round (116) - 62
Total - 912

Highest point value is the 1st round pick, so we take 15% of that as allowable margin, (127.5 points). Team A Total (1260) - Team B Total (912) = 348 point differential, which is more than the 127.5 points allowed, so trade is outside threshold and should not be submitted.

                                                ::::::::::::::MBL OWNERS HALL OF FAME BY LAWS::::::::::::::
                                                                  STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE
●    In season 31, during the preseason, each committee member will nominate one individual that will be considered for selection into the MBL HOF.  Committee members are not allowed to nominate themselves. The 5 nominees will then be announced during Week 1 of the regular season.
                                                                   CRITERIA FOR SELECTION NOMINEES
●    During the season, committee members will openly discuss the merits of the 5 nominees.  Areas to be considered, in no particular order, include, but are not limited to:
●   Contributions to the League [Staff Member/Blogger/Twitter]
●    Activity Level and League Reputation [On/Off Field]
●     Success in the league [Super Bowl/ Conference/ Divison]
●    In preseason of Season 31, the 5 member committee will submit their list of nominees via PM to Committee Chairman. The members are to list nominees in order of how deserving they feel each nominee is for entry into Hall of Fame. Example:
1.    Owner B - most deserving
2.    Owner D
3.    Owner E
4.    Owner A
5.    Owner C - least deserving
●    The Committee Chairman will then add up the points of the nominees.  The two nominees with two lowest point totals will then be considered the finalists for entry into the Hall of Fame.  Finalists to be announced Super Bowl Week of the Season 32.
●    In the event two players tie for the lowest point total, both owners will be announced as finalists.
●    If three or more owners are tied for lowest point total, each committee member will then submit to the Committee Chairman who they feel is the top candidate.  The two owners that receive the highest number of votes will be announced as finalists. If two or more owners are still tied, The Committee Chairman will ultimately decide two finalists then.
●    If two or more owners are tied with second lowest point total, each committee member will then submit to the  Committee Chairman who they feel is the top candidate.  The owner that receives the highest number of votes will be announced as the second finalist. If two or more owners are still tied, The Committee Chairman will ultimately decide the second finalist.
●     During Season 33, committee members will further scrutinize the two finalists.
●    In Conference Championship week of Season 33, committee members will submit to Committee Chairman the one candidate they feel is most worthy of being inducted into the HOF.
●    If a committee member is a finalist, they will not be allowed to vote.
●    If a committee member feels that neither finalist is worthy for the HOF at the time of voting, they may abstain from voting.
●    A finalist will be accepted into the HOF if they receive 4 out 5 votes.
●    In the event a committee member is a finalist, 3 out of 4 votes will be needed for induction.
●    In the event both finalists are committee members, 2 out of 3 votes will be needed for induction.
●    Results of final voting for HOF induction will be announced during Super Bowl of Season 33.
                                            ::::::::::::::MBL HALL OF FAME PROCESS IN REVIEW::::::::::::::
1.    Season 30 - No Activity
2.    Season 31 – Preseason – Nominations
3.    Season 31– Regular Season Week 1 – Announce Nominees
4.    Season 31 – Regular Season – Discuss Merits Of Nominees
5.    Season 32 – Preseason – Committee members send ranking of noms to the Committee Chairman
6.    Season 32 – Super Bowl – Announce two finalists
7.    Season 33 – Regular Season – Committee discusses finalists
8.    Season 33 – Playoffs, Conference Championship – Committee members submit their choice of most deserving to be in HOF to the Committee Chairman or abstain from voting if feel neither finalist should qualify for HOF.
9.    Season 33– Super Bowl – Announce inductee, if applicable

                                               ::::::::::::::CONCLUSION OF RULES PAGE::::::::::::::