Barons pre-Super Bowl Interview

by Hogwild_Rampage | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

We sit down with new Barons owner YoungJwo to discuss his team’s success and his quest to complete a perfect season.


1. In your first season as Barons owner, you're undefeated and have reached the promise land, which former barons owner (lol) failed to do. What has been the key to your success?


A: “Ronald Jones has been a massive part of my success, I can’t lie. His ability to churn out yardage and make big plays has been a good chunk of my offense. I’d say the other part would be my defense. I’m constantly audibling (is that a word, who cares) to match their audibles, constantly changing things around and moving pieces.”


2. Raiders has been referred to as the MCM goat by some in the league. What is your game plan going in?


A: “Just do what we have all season. Get first downs, limit the opponents TDs.”


3. Should Alex just quit Madden forever after that?


A: “Nah, I know the memes are funny and it’s a good time to get jokes out against a guy you all know and love , but you have to feel for him. Made an honest mistake that ended up screwing him. I have no doubt if he stays in the league he’ll take my place next year. He’s the only one in the playoffs this season i felt I could lose to before the Bowl, he’s a great player. Alex please come back. Love you chief.”


4. Which player besides Ronald Jones has been most pivotal to your success?


A: “CJ Thorn, my DE. That man had some crazy games this year and I truly didn’t understand it, he’d get sacks almost instantly sometimes. His ability to get pressure helped everyone on the defense in a big way, very glad to have him on the roster.”


5. What is your favorite thing about MCM?


A: “The chat is very entertaining. You got Alex just cooling, Parker doing whatever he does, phaorah Vikings guy and Cowboys getting worked up for nothing, that makes me laugh. I know i like  to joce a lot in chat, but i genuinely do enjoy the league. I’ll make sure my assistant gets a copy of this, need him to send it to the papers ASAP.”


Thanks Jwo and best of luck on your attempt at a perfect season and ring.