It was another tough week for the Falcons as they lose to the Rams and fall to 4-7 on the season.  

Cam Akers has emerged as one of the top running backs in the league this season and he gashed the Falcons over and over again.

Jimmy G was hot and cold all game.  One minute he was threading the needle to J Jomes and H Hurst in the endzone for tds and the next he was missing 8 yard curl routes by 4 yards for pick 6's the other way.

The defe...

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The Jaguars travel to Pittsburgh this week to take on the hot Steelers in what will be a huge game. Playoff seeding is starting to take shape and teams are figuring themselves out for the late run, and these two are primed. The Steelers come in with a hot offense led by QB Deshaun Watson who is putting up number to have him in the MVP conversation. The addition of RB Josh Jacobs to the offense gives a thunder & lightning 1-2 punch to go with RB David McCall. Superstar WR Darrell Pinkney leads a ...[ Continue reading ]

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Jets Get 1st Real Win

The New Your Jets came to play ...

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The Cards are making a QB change as they want to see what 2nd round pick Brandon Seither can give them. Eason was just throwing too many interceptions and with the team 4-6, it was time to make a change. The Cards were looking to go to a more conservative offense and then RB James Roberson went down for 6 weeks. The defense has played well, but you can't win when you turn it over 3-4 times per game. 

"We thought we found something in the running game...

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The Eagles was able to do whatever they wanted in the Week 11 bouncing of the Falcons 49-21.

On the 1st 2 Falcons offensive plays, they through an interception and a caught pass was fumble and recovered by Philly.  Thiugs didn't get any better the rest of the way for the Falcons who gave up 190+ on the ground to M Sanders and both Philly QB's combined to go 23-31, for 263 yards for 3 tds.

The Eagles defense picked of J Garoppolo 3 times and forced a fumbl...

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During the bye week, Coach Dre knew his team would need something to get them an edge. He gave them rest and relaxation in an effort to keep the team fresh after their 7-2 start. Well at the end of today's 35-23 home loss to the Broncos, the last thing anyone felt was relaxed. The offense was stagnant for the majority of the day, turning the ball over 3 times and giving up wide open TD passes to Bronco receivers. Things in Duval are not all gloom as they sit at 7-3, however things have got to im...[ Continue reading ]

J Garoppolo's 1st pass of the game was intercepted.  He was nearly perfect from that point forward. He ended the game going 14-17 for 272 yards and 2 td along with that lone pick.  J Jones injury fill in R Gage had 5 catches for 114 yards while TE H Hurst had 3 grabs for 70 yards and 1 td. T Gurley ran hard for 76 yards but added 2 touchdowns.

The defense stepped up, getting 4 interceptions (D Jones 2, A Terrell 1, F Oluokon 1 for pick 6) while the front 4 got 2 sa...

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