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NEFLPA Owner Profile: Mike

by jumpcarter | 4 years ago | 0 Comments

It's time to take a closer look at some of the owners in the NEFL.
Our next profile is of an owner who has been a fixture in the NEFL for a very long time. Always a tough competitor who isn't afraid to reinvent himself on the virtual field when needed. Another owner that I have personally had some great games against and is always fun to play. When it seems like you have been playing the same "type" of player every week his creative style can be a refreshing change of pace. He has a ring and is never an easy out, let's get to know more about Mike.

Name: Mike
Age: 20
M16 Team: Mounties (Browns)
PSN: NAWS_Slageezy
Twitter: @mounties_NEFL
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite Team:  Raised to like both the Patriots and Packers. My mom grew up a Packers fan, and my dad a Patriots fan. It is nice to be able to root for two teams.

What's your Madden background?

I have been playing Madden as long as I can remember. I want to say since like Madden 04. I never played connected franchise until I got into this League. I don’t think I could play in another league, as this one has always been competitive.

What else do you play?

I play an assortment of games other than Madden. Love me some 2k and Call of Duty, and recently I have been playing some GTA with buddies.

What do you do in your free time outside of Madden?

Outside of Madden, I love to play any sport possible. I’m always looking to play, even if I suck. I live 5 miles from the ocean, so I go to the beach as much as possible. 

For those that don't know you and, Redskins owner, Kevin are college roommates. What's it like rooming with my division rival?

lol. He's a good dude. Met him freshman year, and he got me into the League. Roomed with him last two years. We have some mutual interests as well as some differing opinions. Both avid sports and Seinfeld fans, but he's a soccer guy and I hate soccer, as well as he is never up very late which I'm sure some guys can tell you, lol. It's funny watching him play Madden sometimes and Vice versa. Madden is a frustrating game, and it's funny to watch a fellow member play the damn game.

For me, you will be most known as someone willing to burn it all down to rise again. I've seen you reinvent your teams more in a single season than probably anyone else. Why is that?

It pains me to be known as someone who can rip a team apart and build it back up. When I was the Pats in 15, I did it after 3 seasons of not going anywhere in the playoffs. I loved that Pats team, but I had to do something to change it up. That’s why I ransacked the league for picks and built a team full of rookie studs. That was not my goal for this madden, but that Browns team wasn’t to my liking. I thought Griffin Patrick would be the answer, but it turns out it was Andrew Luck. Look for my team to stay mostly intact here on out, outside of guys who are getting old like Joe Thomas. 

You are 1 of only 5 owners still in the League that have won an NEFL championship. That win came almost 15 seasons ago. Do find it frustrating that you haven't gotten back or is there still the confidence that you know you can win it all?

It kills me that I haven’t been able to get back since then. I was always in the playoffs in M25 and M15, but never got passed the championship round. In madden 25 it was Nef, Raiderdude, and Sprint always beating me. In madden 15, it was Schwab always beating me the playoffs. This is the 4th season this Madden and I am guaranteeing a playoff spot. I plan on being a regular in the playoffs starting this season. 

That SuperBowl win was with the Jags in NEFL Season 2. Taking that Jags team anywhere is an amazing accomplishment in my mind. What do you remember most from that team?

That Jaguars team was an awesome. I took over that team season one and it was a disaster. There were no weapons like they have now, and the defense was awful. My best players were MJD and Jonathan Cyprien. In the offseason, I made a ton of moves. I signed Verner at corner, Emmanuel Sanders at WR, and Alex Smith at QB. My wide receiver core was awful outside of Sanders. I believe I had Kenbrell Thompkins, Ramses Barden, and a few others. Mercedes Lewis was a monster though. I went 14-2 with that team, and lost Alex Smith in the divionsal round. I ended up winning the Super Bowl with Blaine Gabbert as my Qb, which shows how you could be good with a bad Qb. I plan on getting another ring sometime soon. 

Your Mounties and the Snowhawks are the 2 teams that have relocated and re-branded. What made you want to take a team to Canada? Was it just the best choice available or is there some connection?

I wanted to move my team away from Cleveland. I always loved the Mounties logo and uniforms, and I really wanted to bring a team there. I have family from Canada, and that added into the reason I wanted to move them there. I think a Canadian team is very realistic in the future, and I want someone to tell me the Mounties uniforms aren’t sweet. 
Go Mounties!


I'll try and showcase owners as time goes on. If you have any questions for Mike feel free to leave comments.

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