Madden 17 Top 5 CFM Sleeper Teams

by IVIonteith 5 years ago

Madden 17 Top 5 CFM Sleeper Teams: Post Draft Edition


As the NFL Draft is coming to an end, and most Madden leagues are either dying or restarting with the most up to date rosters; the anticipation for Madden 17 is about to reach its all time high. The analyzing, debating, and back and forth of which teams to choose is about to commence. But for all those wishing to restart their leagues with post draft rosters, or simply for those who have already begun the wait for Madden 17; I have compiled a list of the top 5 sleeper teams that can offer a great rebuild in CFM. Teams that have for so long been an afterthought, but now have the pieces to build a dynasty.


5. Raiders

The Raiders were thought to compete for the AFC West this past year, and had a much improved season but ultimately fell short of both the division and wild card. However, in my opinion this team is in the driver’s seat to make a serious run for the division this year with a great chance of winning it. Oakland picked up some serious playmakers in free agency and were one of the most active teams! Sean Smith, Bruce Irvin, and Kelechi Osemele to name a few immediate impact players. Michael Crabtree has seemingly found new life in a revamped Oakland offense lead much by the arm of a young star quarterback in Derek Carr and dynamic wide receiver Amari Cooper. The Oakland war room faired quite well in the draft as well, nabbing safety Karl Joseph with their first pick who will be a replacement for the aging Reggie Nelson, but you can also play him at strong safety instead of Nate Allen. No need to fret if Carr gets hurt, Connor Cook from Michigan State should serve as a viable backup. The legs of Latavious Murray, and the arm of Carr with his skilled set of wide receivers behind one of NFLs best offensive lines makes the Raiders one of the most intriguing picks for Madden 17.


4. Cowboys

It's hard to put the Cowboys here because they are always a top Madden team, but considering that they did just go 4-12, it makes the Cowboys an interesting pick for Madden 17. While the ratings may not be too favorable for the Cowboys, they have some serious pieces to build on. Out of the teams on this list the Cowboys are the most ready to win now, but still have some pieces set up for the future. Other than Romo, you have an offense that will likely last for whatever amount of time your league lasts for. Rookie HB Elliot as well as Dez, Terrence, Escobar to replace Witten, and one of the youngest and best offensive lines in the NFL, should serve to be a top offense for any Madden user. All question marks aside on Smiths knee, when you can land 2 players in the top 5 talent wise in the draft, you have to deem that as a success.  Once again, knee questions aside, ratings will be favorable towards Smith. Smith and Gregory should help to increase the pass rush Dallas has been looking for since Ware left. With a few top draft picks focusing on the defensive side of the ball, you should be able to quickly turn Dallas back into one of the top teams in your league.


3. Texans

The Texans had one of the biggest off seasons in my opinion. When you have a defense lead by a stud like JJ Watt, you need to focus on the other side of the ball which is exactly what the Texans did. Regardless of your thoughts on how well or how poorly Brock Osweiler will do in real life, I can promise you he will have a very solid Madden rating. To go along with their new strong arm signal caller, also came a whole new offensive look. Star receiver Hopkins stays the same and will rejoice in someone other than Brian Hoyer throwing him the ball. Lamar Miller is a dynamic back who showed some signs of greatness in Miami, and will take that Houston. Will Fuller was the fastest receiver in the combine this year and he will serve wonders for Brock’s big arm. Look for this team to be on the upswing in most Madden franchises.


2. Titans

This team is really set up for the future. Be ready to have a few extra early draft picks for the 2017 draft because of the Rams move up to get Goff. Let’s start up front here. For the team that had the #1 pick in the draft, they feature a pretty competent Madden offense. Warmack, Lewan, and rookie Conklin will anchor this offensive line that you can build on for years to come. Besides that what do that have? Only one of Madden’s favorite young franchise QB in Mariota. Fast and accurate is usually everyone’s favorite combo at QB, and that’s exactly what he brings to the table. You have a vet at HB in Murray along with Alabama’s rookie star Henry. Rounding off the Titans other 2nd round picks you add some great help to the pass rush with Dodd, and line help with Johnson. Use your 1st round pick along with the extra Rams first to add some help to the secondary, and possibly WR if Douglas and Wright aren’t to your fancy, but this time is really set up to make an impact.


1. Jaguars

It really feels like forever since I have been able to say I am confident that the Jaguars will be able to compete. And I really only have one word for what the Jags have done in the 2016 offseason and draft: WOW! Let me put something into perspective for you for a minute; the Jaguars starting lineup for 2016 will feature 3 guys in the top 5 talent who are taking the field for the first time in their NFL career: Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, and Dante Fowler. Remember Fowler missed all of 2015 with a torn ACL? Well he is back now. Ramsey, as many say, is a once in a lifetime CB along with Jack who was said to arguably be the top talent in this past draft if it wasn’t for his knee injury. That is three top 5 talents taking the field for this defense in 2016! On top of that, the Jags went ahead and added another great CB in Prince Amukamara from the Giants, who beside from his injuries was relatively successful alongside of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in New York. This is definitely a defense you can build around. This offense still has some question marks, but I think Bortles is a great Madden QB with his strong arm and feel ratings will be favorable towards him this upcoming year. Robinson had a breakout year for Jacksonville, along with Hurns. Look for the Madden ratings to treat both of these young wide outs great.


That’s all for our Madden 17 sleeper teams! Of course these aren’t all the teams that will be sleepers for Madden, but these are the top 5 in my opinion. Make sure to continue to tune into DaddyLeagues media section where we will keep you up to date with all of the Madden 17 news as soon as it is released, as well as any changes that come to Madden 16 for its remaining life cycle. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel once again to stay up to date with all Madden 17 news and videos as soon as they are released!


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