MLB The Show 16 Roster Update: 5/20

by IVIonteith 5 years ago

The next roster update for MLB The Show 16 came out today, and we are going to highlight some changes. As always, you can find your full list of ratings changes as well as easily compare which attributes have changed from a week to week basis, but we are going to highlight here some of the more notable ones as well as some fan favorite players getting a boost or dropping down. 


Most notably is probably the drop of Joey Votto. A drop so big he has actually lost his diamond tier, and dipped into the gold tier. You'll notice a drop off in all contact and power categories, as well a vision.



Fan favorite Bryce Harper also dropped his 99 status. His contact for both righties and lefties have dropped below their starting points, 80 and 72 a (-8) and (-9) change respectively. You'll also see plate vision took a considerable dip, (-18) points. 


Some other notable movers in the negative are Nelson Cruz (-2), Carlos Gonzalez (-2), Adam Wainwright (-2), and Justin Upton (-8).


On the positive side, we have Andrew Miller knocking on the door of Diamond Tier at (+1) 93 OVR. Also, Ben Zobrist (+3), Ian Kinsler (+2), and David Ortiz has gotten some more power and contact vs righties and has a (+2) boost. And lastly, Odubel Herrera gets a pretty solid boost to go up (+3). 


Also players appearing on the list for the first time as they are the rookies just added are as follows: 

Tony Kemp 2B 73 OVR

Alen Hanson 2B 71 OVR

Matt Reynolds SS 67 OVR

Colin Moran 3B 65 OVR

Tommy Joseph 1B 61 OVR

Tayron Guerrero RP 60 OVR

Jarlin Garcia RP 60 OVR

Matt Purke RP 58 OVR

Dean Kiekhafer RP 54 OVR


For a full list of player changes as well as easy access to compare all the specific attribute changes head over to: http://www.daddyleagues.com/dd/16/attributes?date=2016-05-20

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