MLB The Show 16 Roster Update: 6/24

by IVIonteith 5 years ago

The new 6/24 roster update is out! And boy is this a big one! There was some huge changes in this roster update a few big, big drops for some guys and an addition of new flashback cards as well. So let's get into it and break it down for you guys. 


As always let's start with the negative movers: Bryce Harper -2 (95), Dellin Betanches -1 (92), Andrew McCuthchen -5 (89), Giancarlo Stanton -6 (87), Chris Archer -2 (86), and David Robertson -3 (85). 

We also say goodbye to diamonds for Betanches, McCutchen, and Stanton.


On the positive swing, we have: Andrew Miller +1 (93), Xander Bogaerts +3 (93), Mookie Betts +2 (90), Will Myers +3 (85), Ian Desmond +2 (85), Michael Saunders +6 (83), and Joe Blanton +9 (83)


And welcome to the Diamond club: Andrew Miller and Xander Bogaerts.



We have some really, really good flashback cards that I think will be highly sought after in this update. And they are: 97 OVR Prime Flashback CarGo, 97 OVR Prime Flashback Felix Hernandez, 92 OVR Prime Flashback Fernando Rodney, 87 OVR Prime Flashback Martin Prado, and 84 OVR Prime Flashback Franklin Gutierrez. 


Thank you guys as always for checking out the most recent update, and you can always find the full list of upgraded and downgraded players as well as the attribute changes at DaddyLeagues DD Roster Changes 

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