MLB The Show 16 Roster Update: 7/1

by IVIonteith 5 years ago

Another Friday, and another MLB The Show roster update. Following last week, which in my opinion was probably the biggest roster update we have seen so far, this week is probably the total opposite. Their really isn't too much in the way of big +/- movers unless you get down into the low 80s and mid to upper 70s. But this was a decent week for some prime and rookie flashbacks with pretty good overall, as we have two pairs of each. So let's start with the rather small lists of some +/- movers this week.


On the negative side we have: Jake Arietta -1 95 OVR, David Price -2 91 OVR, Trevor Rosenthal -1 81 OVR, Adam Eaton -2 79 OVR, and Patrick Corbon -3 79 OVR


On the positive side we have: Josh Donaldson +1 96 OVR, Jose Fernandez +1 95 OVR, Madison Bumgarner +1 94 OVR, Kris Bryant +2 91 OVR, Danny Salazar +1 86 OVR, Jay Bruce +2 83 OVR, and Adam Warren +4 81 OVR.


As previously mentioned, we have a pair of players that received both a prime flashback and a rookie flashback, all of which are very solid cards. We have a 99 OVR Troy Tulowitzki prime flashback, and an 88 OVR rookie flashback for him


In addition to the pair of Tulo's, we also have a pair of Tim Lincecum. Specifically a 97 OVR Prime Flashback and an 83 OVR Rookie Flashback.


Well, that's all the big news for today's roster update. Unfortunately it was not a big one, and really it was nothing in comparison to what was given to us last week. And as always, if you want to check out the full list of changes and more specifically the bigger movements of that mid 70s tier players, come on over to DaddyLeagues DD Roster Changes 

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