MLB The Show 16 Roster Update: 7/8

by IVIonteith 5 years ago

Today is another one of those pretty lackluster roster updates. There really isn't too many big changes. There's a plethora of guys being moved around in that 83-84 range which I will list the biggest ones. We have a new diamond card, congratulations Kris Bryant. But more surprisingly there really is no movers on the negative side really worth taking note in. The highest one was Steven Matz going from an 85 to an 83. More importantly though, the biggest part of this roster update, similar to last week, comes in the form of new flashback cards which we will spend the bulk of the time looking at. 


Let's start off with the few negative movers, I will list everyone up until we hit 80 OVR: Steven Matz -2 83, Jason Heyward -1 82, Jack McGee -2 81, Yadier Molina -3 81, and lastly Carolos Gomez -3 80.


We have a few more guys who got rating increases this week in that upper diamond/gold tier, and they are: Jose Altuve +2 98, Kris Bryant +2 93, Corey Seager +2 89, Troy Tulowitzki +2 88, Carlos Carrasco +2 86, and Miguel Sano +3 84. I'm gonna stop this one here because there is about 10 more guys who all got bumped to 83 and 84, and rather than being redundant and listing the same thing over and over, I'll let you guys head over to DaddyLeagues DD Roster Changes to check all that out. 


Now, the biggest part of the update: New Flashback cards. We got a pretty good chunk today and some good ones too. Leading the way is a Yankees prime flashback of Robinson Cano 97 OVR, and 96 OVR prime flashback Mark Teixeira. Both these guys have excellent fielding, and are absolute nightmares to right handed pitching. Right behind them is a prime flashback and postseason flashback of Adam Wainwright and Cole Hamels, respectively. Wainwright comes in at 96 OVR while Hamels tops out at 95 OVR. 


That's all for the Diamond players, now we have a few gold being lead by prime flashback Yovani Gallardo at 89 OVR. Behind him is Miguel Montero 88 OVR, a rookie Robinson Cano 85 OVR, prime Tyler Clippard 85 OVR, a rookie Cole Hamels at 80 OVR, rookie Ryan Howard 79 OVR, and then finally a rookie R.A. Dickey at 75 OVR.


As you can see, the big names this week are a couple positive movers in the diamond and gold tier, but not much to speak of in the negative side. But as I stated earlier, the big part of this update is really the 4 new diamond players and 4 new gold players added in the forms of Prime Flashbacks, Rookie Flashbacks, and a postseason flashback. Once again, if you are interested in seeing all the changes to everyone's overall, stat changes, or the new live series players that I did not list don't hesitate to come over to DaddyLeagues DD Roster Changes to get the full scoop. 

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