Madden 17 Early Review - Updates and More

by nathan.lejeune | 1 year ago | 3 Comments |

Game has been out for a couple of weeks now and everyone is scratching that Madden itch. Those Maddenite websites are already pushing playbooks, tips, tricks and flaws. I think I get a new email every day, telling me about the newest find for Madden 17. I don’t have any tricks, tips or flaws for you today, but we do have some insights to share.

Game Speed

Madden 17 just feels like it plays much faster than Madden 16. Now I know that the new game always feels a little different, but players do seem to play around and not just 90 speed players. The game just moves a little bit quicker but also more realistic. No longer can guys just build the fastest teams possible, but now players awareness, quickness and playmaking ability matter more than ever.

Blitzes seem to benefit the most from this newly adjusted speed settings. Guys coming off of the corner will get to you quicker than ever if you don’t have the protection set up. As most of have learned, don’t even think about trying to throw it while being hit, because that play is now a very realistic fumble from your quarterback, and those turnovers are going to pile up quickly.

Overall the defense plays fast and you are forced to have a real plan of attack on offense. If you don’t, you may find yourself with lots of turnovers and very few yards.

CFM Improvements

First, game connections seem to be really strong. I know it was said that improvements went into making for a more stable connection and so far, it seems to be working. Yes there were some bugs, but we’ll get to more of that later. I’ve been lucky to experience a stronger connection in just about every game that I’ve played so far.

All of the new CFM additions are awesome. There is very little that I would change about it. From your goals that you pick as a coach at the start of your season, to the 3 extra players who get XP with game planning, to game planning, big decisions and practice squads – it all rocks. They have put in a lot of additions and it all makes for a deeper and greater CFM experience. Even the full player editing has opened up new doors and possibilities for CFM owners to create a one of a kind experience for users.

If I am going to brag about what I love, I have to also point out the few things that are annoying. First, the player upgrade menu. It seemed like a good idea to only put up the top 3 upgradable positions, but it just doesn’t work. Give me back the old system. I know it’s easy to get to, but annoying that I have to go through it the way I have to go through it. Just seems like an extra step and a system built for the lazy owner. Also the player resigns from your own team is broken. I know they won’t admit it (we’ve tweeted them) but it needs to be fixed. If a player ask for a 4 year contract, they will refuse to sign anything lower – no matter how much you raise it for bonus and contract. I mean, nothing, will make it work. You can offer 20 million a season and he won’t take it. Fast forward to Free Agency and they will now take that expanded amount at the less seasons and usually sign in week 1. It’s a bit annoying and the answer of, ‘offer them more money’, doesn’t work. Please – if you read this – fix that.

Offense and Defense

The speed is quicker this madden, but players also move much more realistic. The big play can still happen on both the offense and defense, but so does the big stop. Players will adjust quicker to what’s being done and where they are being attacked. The rushing game seems as realistic as ever, on both sides of the ball. Offensive and defensive linemen are attacking each other in lanes. Running backs are able to squeeze through holes better and defensive players actually cover tosses and sweeps.

Pass interactions reactions between defensive backs and wideouts are better than ever. If you’re not careful you can give up the big bomb or seam route, but if you play it right you can also make a play on the ball, quicker than ever. Blitzes off the corner are very much a real weapon this Madden and the smarter player may be of more use than the fast player.


Madden was quick with their update this year. The title update fixed the run or pass bug, which showed players names when it was a pass and nothing when it was a run. It also fixed the strip tackle attempts made by the CPU to have them reduced and more realistic. It also helped fixed some offline issues where incoming rookie ratings were being shown prematurely. I wish they could have fixed the contract issue that I stated above but that’s wishful thinking. I’ve also noticed that when starting a franchise, no matter what the settings are or where you start it, the CPU will cut players. Even if you start with 75 man rosters and start in the preseason with all CPU takeovers turned off. Not a major thing, but slightly annoying when trying to keep 32 owners happy about their roster.

Overall Thoughts

I know a lot of league’s are waiting for this last roster update, but this should be one of the best madden franchise seasons ever. The game is strong in so many areas and with all of the editing options that you have, you really can create a league that looks exactly how you want it to look and feel. What are your favorite options? Did I miss something that you’ve seen? Leave us your comments.