Change in Front Office a Good Sign for Patriots?

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The Patriots are home to one of the greatest sports dynasties in history. The departure of Belicheck and Brady have hurt them heavily, although you wouldn't be able to tell judging by the regular seasons. The issue that comes is that their playoff successes have been few and far between, with a whopping zero super bowl appearances despite fielding some of the best teams in that past. Just this last week however, with their GM stepping down it's allowed a fresh change to come to the orginization. Mr. Patriots has been selected for the job and we were all very excited for his first game to see what sort of impact he can have even this early in his tenure.

The Browns are one of the best teams in the league, so it's understandable that it could be tough for the Patriots to pull out this win,  however we spoke to Patriot's star middle linebacker Reuben Foster about his thoughts on the upcoming game and of the GM switch. Reuben remained confident that they could take down the Cleveland based juggernauts stating, "We're the better team, we've worked harder than they have and it's all gonna come out on the field tonight. David Johnson ain't gonna be running on anyone tonight, we're about to keep him under 60 easy." When asked about what it would mean to take down the undefeated team he laughed at us, "I don't give a shit about what these other trash teams be doing against them, all that matters is what we doing, and we doing greatness baby!" 


Pats Media Day

We tried to get his thoughts on the GM switch:

"The GM ain't out there, it's just me and my brothers taking names. I don't care about no GM."


The game was a bloody one, with both sides seemingly scoring at will. Aggression was the name of the game for the Browns and big decisions came early for the young GM. On a goalline stand, a holding call was commited on third and one. With his choices being fourth and one or third and eleven, he opted for the third and eleven option, saying that he trusted his team with 10 yards even in two players, over one yard.

Despite an early injury to a pro bowl caliber player in Leonard Fournette, Mr. Patriots was able to continually put up points, owing to a great special teams performance and a fantastic air attack. DeAndre Hopkins especially shined racking up 133 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Later in the game as the lineman tired, the Patriots were even able to snag over a hundred rushing yards, and HB Solomon scored on a 44 yard run to put them up 15 and ice the game with a little over a minute left. Certainly a respectable performance against one of the best in the league. When asked about how important this first win is both to him and the team, Mr. Patriots was adamant that it was huge, he's the new guy in the league and he considered it important that people realize that he's a capable player.

Despite the victory today however the Patriots do still have some issues that need shoring up. While not a terrible defensive performance, there were dropped interceptions and missed tackles that resulted in some big plays for the Browns, something that Mr. Patriots said will be a focus in the upcoming weeks, "we had some dropped picks and missed tackles that lead to points so hopefully things can go a little more my way in the regard so my defense can be a little more reliable."

A thunderous entrance and a great win for the Patriots today! Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought game!