Chargers QB Woes

by supalinny11 | 11 months ago | 0 Comments |

The Chargers struggled mightily at the QB position last season. One would think that QB would've been addressed in the offseason, however it was not. The first round of FA was missed by the owner and most of the good FA QBs were taken, then the Chargers were outbid in the next rounds.

Next up was the draft and the Chargers sat at pick 22. The draft was pretty enemic at the QB and no viable QB was available at pick 22. So instead the Chargers picked a stud TE to help give their QB more options in the passing game. Fast forward to the preseason and the Chargers used 5 different QBs to try and find their starter; 

Rookie Duncan O'Neal showed very little accuracy and ended up being cut.

*2nd year QB Simon McFarland showed the same thing as last season which was inconsistancy and a tendency to force throws into coverage.

*2nd year QB Doug Hill showed that he can be a viable game manager but did not show much in terms of making the correct reads and moving the ball downfield through the air.

*Veteran QB Matt Barkley was signed to help push the young guys but he showed some promise himself. However in the 3rd preseason game his performance was less than stellar.

*Veteran QB Trevor Sieman was brought in late in the preseason to compete and honestly we have not seen enough of him to determine whether he is a viable starter or not.


Week 1: Doug Hill got the start and thanks to a great defensive performance he was allowed to "manage" the game and lead the Chargers to a good victory. His stat line was less than stellar (13/18   197YDS    1TD    1INT), but it was good enough to maintain the win for the Chargers. Looking forward to week 2 the starting QB has yet to be named but one has to think Doug Hill is the starter until he proves otherwise.