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The Jacksonville Jaguars still remain undefeated a season later after their 24-10 Superbowl victory against the Seattle Seahawks. Jaguars is 9-0 after 10 weeks of football and have mostly dominated every opponent they've faced so far this season. Out of the 9 opponents they've faced, 7 of them were completely dominated; being out scored by 21+ points. Jaguars leads the league in points for (398 PF) and points against (66 PA). Even when HB Leonard Fournette out due to injury in the beginning of the year, the Jaguars was still able to find their running game with HB Corey Grant. Grant is currently in the lead of being league MVP, stacking up over 1,800 rushing yards, over 20 TDs for the season and averaging over 200.0 yards per game. 

Jaguars defense has also been dominant, leading the total yards given up against opponents. The Jags only given up less than 800 passing yards and less than 600 rushing yards through week 10. They also lead the league in points allowed, only giving up 66 points and their pass defense has been spectacular also, intercepting the ball 30 times so far this season. The Jaguars is currently ranked #1 in Standings & Power Rankings:

 Top 10 Crossfire Power Rankings: Week 9

  1. Jaguars
  2. Rams
  3. Hounds
  4. 49ers
  5. Vikings
  6. Steelers
  7. Chiefs
  8. Falcons
  9. Barons
  10. Ravens

The Jacksonville Jaguars is looking forward of going to another Superbowl this season at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.