The Mystery Behind the Patriots and Ben Roethlisberger

by FlyingWings | 7 months ago | 2 Comments |

As everyone knows, this past week has been crazy regarding the situation of Ben Roethlisberger. The prestigious quarterback has been haunted by rumors or maybe even some truths of his and his agent's antics. This all started when Ben was released from the team he was hoping to lead to the playoffs; the New England Patriots. Failing to do so, the Patriots decided to tell him that they were looking to bench him in favor of Nathan Peterman or Chissom Pritchett. The quarterback reportedly broke into a rage that was like no other, throwing chairs in frustration. Coach McDougal than released him, obviously knowing that this is not the guy he wanted around younger quarterbacks. The rage was eating at the veteran and with that he decided to go party to let out his stress. Video footage shows Ben snorting lines of a white substance off a glass table in Miami. Possibly trying to forget about how his career ended. The next day the Super Bowl competing quarterback was eager to make a return, instantly calling his agent and requesting that he be picked up by a team. His agent; who's name we may not specify due to his legal rights told him the Ravens had sent him a contract. Big Ben obviously took this right away seeing that the Ravens were a competing team for the final wild card spot. The only thing about this was that Ben was never on the team. His agent typed a fake document to make the quarterbacks ego become boosted and maybe even get him to show up to a Ravens practice. No one knows why the agent exactly did this. Could be he just thought been treated him poorly, so he wanted to get the last laugh before he retired. The craziest news is that the Ravens were actually in on the whole thing and down to pay Ben under the counter money. Asking coach Ryan Smith about the situation he said, "I feel like in that situation we had to do whatever it was we needed to do to win. We weren't confident in Kessler or Boykin as our QB1.". To make the situation even worse the NFL caught the Ravens Coach trying to do this. As of today, Ben Roethlisberger is on the verge of possibly retiring ot maybe playing another season. Time will only tell for the 38-year-old quarterback.