Cardinals Playoff Hopes Still Alive?

by TouchyWhelp1747 | 3 months ago | 0 Comments |

Cardinals come out of a bye week where they will match up against the Saints!.This is both good and bad. Good being that they will most likely come away with the win since the Cardinals have the reputation of coming out on top vs evenly matched teams and it boosting their confidence. Now for the bad. This can be not only bad but detriment to the seasons success being that the Saints are a lower tier team and potentially setting the Cardinals up for failure when they take on the Seahawks next week going against a low tier to top tier can be hard to handle as a team. Hopefully the coaches, players, and GMs for this organization can keep them firing on all cylinders as they head into their matchup vs the Saints and have then on a high enough level where it won’t set them up come next week vs the Seahawks! The Cardinals do need to come away with not only the victory vs the Saints but the Seahawks as well to gain momentum towards making the playoffs, trading off wins and loses every other week will not cut it. They need to start playing at the level everyone knows they can! For the Cardinals to do this they need to get this man, Image result for Saints Vs Cardinals photo editsDavid Johnson, more involved. If they can find ways to do that, it will boost their teams efficiency significantly. We saw 2 seasons ago when he was heavily envolved what he could do taking home the MVP and every rushing title that season. It just seems they are stuck between staying with him as the feature back or handing it over to Ricks.