Bears Week 15 Recap VS Panthers

by Ninjapeel | 3 months ago | 0 Comments |


The Chicago Bears played the Carolina Panthers and the Bears lost (34-15). This game has been like a lot too many turnovers and not being able to stop the run. With this, we have been eliminated from the playoffs and it was a good run. We gathered a lot and came together as one. 


C. Sampson stole the show for the Bears with three receptions, eight one yards, and two touchdowns. C. Mccaffrey had a great day with a total of one hundred and seventy-four yards and two touchdowns.


M. Chamblin had one sack and four total tackles. L. Kuechly was stellar with one pick-six and three total tackles.

Gameplan for future

This Madden cycle will soon be over but it was a great one. As the Bears, we didn't accomplish as much as we wanted but it was still a fun season with lots of experience for the future.