League Draft

by Xpert2I | 1 month ago | 2 Comments |

We are 3 days away from one of the most exciting times in our league. After 9 seasons and 3 different SB champs we have arrived at the live team draft for Madden 19. This will be the second one that I have hosted and I am more excited about the changes and improvements we have made! First I need to thank the commish Deon aka Nasty Nupe for the hard work he has put into this show I can’t wait for the DML subscribers to see it. Second a huge shoutout to the Dynasty Brotherhood you guys have been active and shown why we have one of the top leagues in the CFM community! I would love to put out an Xpert style mock draft but I’ve seen way too many crazy posts and twitter convos to even begin to guess where the homies are going. Here’s what i do know no matter where you draft or who your division rivals are I know we will have an amazing cycle together. 


Dynasty Live Madden 19 Team Draft

July 28th 3pm est 

Only on the DML Network