"Business Decisions Get Made Everyday B"

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Madden 18 brought alot of new changes to both the look and feel of the graphics and the gameplay itself. (Thank you Frostbite). Some of these changes were good and well received. Others meh, not so much.

I think it's safe to say we're ALL, mostly looking forward to moving on to Madden 19 and the new challenges and excitement that awaits.

With all that said, lets take a look at everyone's current draft position and do some analysis on where we think they'll end up in Madden 19.


Pick Coach Current Team Wins Losses Tie Breaker?
1 D Nice R-Words 95 12  
2 Kevin Seahawks 86 26  
3 Jerrelle Browns 86 26  
4 Jokie Saints 84 24  
5 Bank Roll Joe  Cowboys 77 35 Playoff Wins
6 MDC Jags 77 35  
7 KO Raiders 73 38  
8 Toon Packers 72 40  
9 Kris 9ers 71 41  
10 Marquez Pats 66 45  
11 Tike Chiefs 63 48  
12 Marvin Ravens 60 52 Playoff Wins
13 Proto Chargers 60 52  
14 Tayo Bears 59 53  
15 Phil Steelers 56 56  
16 D Bev Falcons 55 57  
17 B Mane Colts 49 62  
18 5ive Giants 48 64  
19 Rell Eagles 47 63  
20 Omar Bengals 46 66  
21 Coach Lions 44 64  
22 Will Titans 42 70  
23 Alvy Phins 40 71  
24 Reggie Rams 40 72  
25 Rashad Panthers 36 76  
26 Ming Broncos 33 79  
27 Damo Cardinals 29 83 Longevity
28 Fro Jets 29 83  
29 HG Texans 27 85  

1. D Nice - Redskins

D Nice comes off as a true fan. One who sticks with his squad no matter what. We've seen this before in drafts past. Not everyone looks to make a business decision here in the MNFL. We do have some "true fans"

2. Kevin - Rams

Although Kevin is a true Patriots fan, I believe he will see this opportunity as too good to be true. The opportunity to take the youngest team in the league and one of the most stacked on both sides of the ball.

3. Jerrelle - Browns

Need I say more? Jerrelle has had his Browns for 10 maddens now. Only difference this year, they're actually stacked. Jerrelle has made a name for himself by taking a subpar Browns roster and making them Super Bowl winners. Scary to think what he'll do with this loaded roster.

4. Jokie - Jaguars

I can't see Jokie passing on this opportunity. The only position he will need to fill in the first 3-4 seasons is at QB. This team is built for a Madden Franchise. Youth, talent, and depth.

5. Joe - Cowboys

Another true fan here. The cowboys probably wont be what they were in Madden 18. But best believe they'll still be good. You still got Dak, Zeke, and that offensive line!

6. MDC - Steelers

This was a tough one to call. MDC is known for staying FAR away from his coveted Chargers. And with the 6th pick, he'd be smart to continue in that trend. So many good teams at this spot. But knowing his affinity for a solid front 8 and running that rock, the Steelers seem like the perfect fit.

7. KO - Saints

KO finally proves he's a true fan and picks his stacked Saints. You know, because they're good this year lol

8. Toon - Packers

Another lifer gets his squad. No business decisions here.

9. Kris - 9ers

GGB. Need I say more?

10. Marquez - Eagles

Marquez showed up and showed out this year. Earning a place in the top 10. With all the hard core fans sticking to their squads. Marquez gets arguably the best team in the game.

11. Tike - Vikings

Like Marquez, Tike came on strong this Madden. Although he won't get his coveted Rams, he still gets a young/stacked squad in the Vikings. Young back, good receivers, and a STACKED defense.

12. Marvin - Ravens

My momma always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothing at all"

13. Proto - Falcons

Proto SAYS he doesn't like to pick stacked teams. But with the Falcons dropping to 13, we'll see if he doesn't flinch.

14. Tayo - Bears

Bears for life

Everyone from here down obviously doesnt deserve a write up. Best of luck to you in 19 :)

15. Phil - Raiders

16. D Bev - Titans

17. B Mane - Patriots

18. 5ive - Giants

19. Rell - Chargers

20. Omar - Texans

21. Coach - Seahawks

22. Will - Panthers

23. Alvy - Phins

24. Reggie - Bucs

25. Rashad -Chiefs

26. Ming - Bengals

27. Damo - Broncos

28. Fro - Jets

29. HG - Bills