Xperts Corner Week 4 Picks

by Xpert2I | 1 week ago | 3 Comments |

Week 4 picks for Da Dynasty and this is the quarter mark of Da Season where you can start to pull away or lose it all! Some users need to pick it up and get it going! My GOTW is Vikings vs Rams!


49ers vs Chargers

This is a great game to start the week off with as Sweetz meets Andy Forse! Both of these users have aspirations to win Da Season and have started well...this one will come down to turnovers and Andy’s forse finds a way to win it! Chargers win

Bengals vs Falcons

Jay the Dynasty comedian vs the Commish! Nupe has a horrible game vs the Saints and looks to bounce back vs Jay! Falcons dominate in all phases and wins easily! Falcons win

Buffula vs Green Bay

This is a great matchup with Jerry and Moe B should be an exciting game to watch! Both of these users need a win and some momentum going forward! Too much Aaron in this game Packers win

Cleveland vs Oakland

Well it’s time to find out is Tone legit or did the schedule help him out. To test the theory is the OG Murray and those Browns! Cleveland has looked good all year and he takes down one of the last undefeated teams Browns win

Tampa Bay vs Chicago

Tpain has been struggling and can’t seem to find his footing in Tampa...he gets a red hot Chicago Bears team and Da Bus and it will not end well for the Bucs!! Bears win!

Chiefs vs Broncos

Kp is rolling again and can’t afford to look past the Broncos to his big matchup vs the Jags! Trap game? Maybe for another user but KP is focused and gets the win vs JB...Chiefs win!

Miami vs New England 

Tyght work is pissed after the L vs Ness and will look to take it out on the new users in Daschemer! Dolphins force turnovers which turn into points and the Patriots can’t keep up! Dolphins win

Philadelphia vs Tennessee

Matty Ice continues to show why he is a top user in Dynasty and he gets Darkness and the Titans this week! Darkness is way better than he is playing but with battery issues and a qb that is apparently blind he gets blown out vs the Eagles! Eagles win

Jets vs Jags

The Jags have had this game circled for some time! No bad blood but a renewed rivalry of 2 Dynasty veterans...Ness will look to control the run game and Xpert will count on his defense to step up! This game will come down to how Bortles plays and he plays well! Jags win

Detroit vs Dallas 

Tazz has still not gotten over the week 1 loss and safety gate! HBO has been told he’s good by HBO and he believes it! Zeke continues his dominance in a Dallas and the Cowboys win

Baltimore vs Pittsburgh 

This is the Lamar show in Ravens country and he gets an easy opponent in Flair who has never lived up to his own hype! Steelers need a miracle and maybe that happens next week Ravens win

New Orleans vs Giants

Addy is coming off a big win in week 3 and he gets a pissed off Pablo and the New York Giants. Unfortunately the skills don’t match the anger and the Saints go marching in and take the easy W Saints win

Seattle vs Arizona

Houdini has been silent all year and working to find a way to get these Seahawks competing. Guwop laud a dirty rotten egg vs the Bears and needs to bounce back! Cardinals find a way to not turn it over and get a W at home! Cardinals win 

Texans vs Colts

When donwe see the Colts put a complete game together? Sj is rolling and leading the division with a perfect record! This is my upset pick of the week as I see the Colts finally finding a way to put it all together! Colts win

GOTW Vikings can Rams

Hamiltop has shocked the world and came out the gates balling like he’s a top ten user! He has beaten some good teams and looks to cement his claim for the NFC North and a crash course with the Bears! King Vitamin is looking to take him down a few notches and show why he is considered one of the greats here in dynasty! The Vikings play solid D and beat you with a very potent offense and Kirk Cousins the stat filler! This comes down to the front 7 in La and can they get pressure against the Vikings O-line! I like what Hamiltop is doing and he continues the Cinderella season! Vikings win