Colts Have Luck, Literally

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Colts Focus week 2 Recap



  •     Normally you don’t expect to win a game when you turn the ball over 6 time, but today was different. 


  • Andrew Luck (12) Was sacked 3 times this evening causing 3 Fumbles in which the redskins recovered. 


  • Andrew Luck also threw 3 interceptions, Granted these where not bad balls just amazing coverage by the Washington secondary. 



Slow Your Luck


  • For the second game in a row Andrew Luck started off Very slow with his first passing getting the redskins on the board as he threw a pick Six that was returned for the 49 yard touch down by the Fabian Moreau.  (UCLA)


  • Luck wasn’t so Luck when defensive back  Quinton Dunbar (Florida) jumped in front of a comeback route and took Luck and company to the house for an 71 yard Pick six. Zach Brown The 5 year vet also picked Luck off on the day. 



Feeling at home 


  • As most Fans  know Andrew Luck was born and raised in Washington and he wasn’t going to let a slow start slow him and what seems to be a very dominant colts team down 


  • The colts finished with a total of 644 yards 573 coming from the offense alone. Luck finished 27-38 for 473 yards and a staggering 6 Touch down passes giving him 10 on the early season. Completing 71 percent of his passes Luck looked really comfortable as he settled in behind a dominate offensive line that gave him so much time he could wave to his mother in the crowd if he wanted. 



Feed me More 


  • Nyheim Hines The rookie from N.C State had a lot of emotions going in this game he scored his first touch down of his NFL career but all he could think about after the game was the potential Impact that Hurricane Florence will have on his home, Family and the state of North Carolina. With that being said Hines had himself a day again with 16 carries 81 yards and another game over 5 YPC  Coach Leamon continues to find ways to try and involve him more in the offense they feels as though he can be a star. A healthy Hines and luck can be dangerous for the NFL



The 12,13,14 Connection 


  • This train is alive in well Andrew Luck seems to have found a new friend in the name of J.J Jones(West Georgia) the rookie sensation stands 5’10 173 pounds with blazing speed he was featured last week but after today the world may know his name. 


  • Jones went for 9 receptions 166 yards and 3 touch down receptions #14 currently leads the league in touch downs as well as receiving yards even though his Running mate #13 the Established T.Y Hilton isn’t far behind. 


  • T.Y, or Eugene Marquis Hilton is still one of the NFL best and he is out to prove it his quarterback is back and he is loving it T.Y hauled in 6 receptions for 152 yards and a touch down having such an Explosive receiving  core is paying off for T.Y as now he didn’t have to take on the whole burden and it allows him to spread the field. 


  • With Eric Ebron  being hurt the Reliable Jack Doyle  came in and deliver 8 receptions for 99 Yards and a touch down it’s always great when you know your have reliable depth and the next man can come in right away. 






Hogs Deliver the Bacon 


  • Coming into the season the colts Offensive line was one of the main concerns about the team, as of right now this seems to be one of the best Units in the NFL not one Lineman was credited for giving up a sack and that sayes a lot  when you throw the ball 47 Times and your going up against amazing pass rushers like Ryan Kerrigan. 



All diamonds are not so smooth


  • The defensive unit for the colts is playing amazing football 2 games in allowing only one touch down this evening while holding the Redskins to Negatives rush yards all the way up until the 4th Q they might have found the key to success 


  • After 6 interceptions last week the colts come back this week and snag 4 more these guys take it personal when the ball is in the Air 


  • Tj Green (Clemson)(1) Corey Moore (Georgia) (1) Ukeme Eligwe (Ga Southern) What’s interesting about this group of guys is the fact that they all have ties to the greater Atlanta area in which they grew up. 


  • The colts Got to Alex Smith 3 times  which two coming from Tyquan Lewis, and the biggest one coming from Kemoko Turay who Laid a huge hit on smith that sidelined him for the greater portion of the 3rd Quarter



 The Men in the middle 


  • The key to a 3-4 Defense is to have 2 solid linebackers who are willing to run though a wall And hit anything at any time. Defensive Caption Jabaal Sheard, and Ukeme Eligwe have developed what seems to be a Great mentorship as Sheard who typically would not be inside has taken the young pro under his wing and boy is it paying off. Eligwe finished his second career start As the leading tackler (11) and makes his presence felt again in the back field with 3 huge tackles for Lose  people are starting to take notice to The tandem particularly Eligwe as he picked off another 2 passes and now Leads the League in tackles (23) and interceptions (4) at this pace we could have a early defensive player of the year candidate 





THE Final Lap 


  • When the clock hit 00:00 the Colts won the game 46-21 while unconventional nobody will complain about the win but look for coach Leamon to feed Hines more as a potential Mechanism to cut down on the high turnover they are accumulating. 


  • The colts are 2-0 and travel to hostile Territory in Philadelphia to face a very good Eagles Team.