Interview of Coach Britt of the San Fran 49ers

by Eric | 7 months ago | 2 Comments |

PEL Reporter: Huge trade last week. What does Leonard Fournette bring to your team?

Coach Britt: A threat we didn't have before, no super star wr, no real threat at RB even though McKinnon is a good back

PEL Reporter: Is Fournette going to take the load of the carries or running back by committee? Your backfield is pretty stacked with McKinnon, Ty Montgomery and Royce Freeman a solid bunch


Coach Britt: I have a possible trade for McKinnon, the details are being worked out as we speak
PEL Reporter: Rough start to the season so far. What’s the plan to turn it around?
Coach Britt: Pound and ground, hopefully it opens up the passing game, 2 game at time starting with the Falcon
PEL Reporter: Tough game against the Falcons what’s the plan to slow down the offense?s this week
Coach Britt: Defense defense defense, have to get turnovers
PEL Reporter: Thanks Coach for your time! Good Luck with rest of the season