4 in the book

by Slim_cracka | 1 month ago | 2 Comments |

With a quarter of the season played here is the quarterly review of the Arizona Cardinals. First off we've discussed the same against the Panthers. Defense was solid in that game and offense was terrible. And as far as we are concerned there was no week 2 game due to it being a forgettable have against the nemesis Hawks. Piss poor tackling is what owner Bobby Boucher said. He said after the lackluster tackling so far this season he had decided to have a sit in with the defense and go over the techniques he used to visualize people he despised to help with laying the boom courtesy of Captain insano. With that said it should've been done earlier in the season because despite a rare win over Boo Gotti's Rams the defense was missing key tackles and that rolled over into week 4 against the Saints, where Kamara and Meredith put defense in ice skates. To make matters worse the offensive line play has been a mind game for Rosen. He's scared to sit in pocket because 90 percent of the time he can't. Saints got pressure just rushing 3. And it wasn't just on the rookie olineman. RG Pugh looked like he never played a game before. He looked lost against the Saints. With collapsing pockets Rosen rushes throws, which leads to turnovers or just short yardage gains. It wasn't until the 4th quarter until the team seemed to wake up. But the heroic comeback was ultimately too little too late. Cards at least brought the game within a TD and a 2 point conversion. If the team can play like they did the 4th quarter every game we will have no problem winning games. Next week we have the Bucs who also seem to be struggling with offense. In a bold prediction we believe it will be a breakout on offense for both squads. We are down but not giving up.