Team Needs Entering the Draft

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Team Needs Entering the Draft

The Steelers are nearly set at every position. Especially, for this year with the new free agent signings. They’ve added depth at the safety, corner, and linebacker positions. All glaring holes for this team a season ago.

Going into the draft, the major concern must be offensive line. The Steelers still own a top 5 offensive line in the league, but Father Time wins every battle. The average age for the Steelers’ offensive line is just north of 30 years of age. Looking for the replacements of these guys will be crucial for the team’s future success.

When asked, Mike Tomlin stated, “listen, we have a very competitive team as it stands now. We are going to consider every possibility in the draft. Now, we know Ben is back and the quarterbacks aren’t all that great this year, but we have looked into quarterback, as well. We’re more than likely going to look at our board and determine best available at the time and go from there.”

The old “best available” approach, this is strategy works and has in the past, but this seems like a very vague answer in an attempt to not give up what the team is planning. Offensive line and quarterback should be a major concern for all teams, and that hold true for the Steelers.

Another potential need is running back. Yes, the team traded a 2nd round pick for Austin Ekeler, but he is unproven and will need a new contract at year’s end. They obviously think he is going to workout, hence the 2nd round pick for him. But what if he doesn’t? This draft is loaded at running back and there may not be a draft like this one again. Two back systems have proven to work in places like Atlanta and New Orleans. There doesn’t seem to be a reason why this would be any different.

All in all, the team is set to take the field as they are now and anything on top of this team is simply icing. Offensive line could use some youth and the team has only 3 defensive lineman and I expect they look later in the draft for defensive line depth.