Skins Win

by Dakingpin4eva | 7 months ago | 0 Comments |

Redskins are in week 9 , and just won a game vs Dallas Cowboys. Brisett played a good game and the oline protected Jacoby for him to display his aerial assault on the Cowboy's Secondary. Brisett pass for 16-23, 205 yards and 1 touchdown. Skin's defense played good and forced 3 turnovers from fumbles and Zach Brown terrorized the offense all day from having 4.5 tackles 1 sack and 2 forced fumbles. He was Zach Attack , he made plays all game vs the Cowboys. Redskins won 19-10 . Honestly right now this is audition for Jacoby Brisett , the brass wants to see if going to lead us to the promise land. As the Head coach, im like let's take our time to evaluate this young man but i think he can be real special in the league. Yes, there is a few suitors that if opportunity is given i would enjoy them running this offense. Its all going to come down to the season and must factor in contract. Who's gives the Redskins the best to chance to win games. Free Agency is going to be big part this year for this team. But right now we must prepare for our week 10 opponent the Buffalo Bills. This will be another test for the offense to be consistent on drives and the for defense to get turnovers and sack the opposing quarterback all day. HAIL REDSKINS