New Edition

by Coolbreeze09 | 7 months ago | 0 Comments |

Most teams that start of badly on defense, stay that way. That’s a fact of NFL football. Very rarely will a team dramatically change their performance on one side of the ball mid season. The Chiefs are hoping to buck the trend. 


Since we last saw them on the field GM Coolbreeze has been busy. Busy as hell is more like it. Said Coolbreeze: “I don’t know what other front offices goal is but my goal is to do everything I can to constantly improve this team. Let’s be honest about a few things. Our defense has been trash as fuck. Not just against the Raiders, even before that. When we were winning game we were still in shootouts every week. That shit disgusts me. 


Well...he did something about it, at least on paper. The team gets Chris Jones back and added former Pro Bowler Cam Heyward. They gave up Reggie Ragland to get him but turned around and traded for speedy LB Leon Jacobs from the Jags. But the biggest splash was saved for last. The loudest most known member of the secondary formerly known as the Legion of Boom is now a Chief. Yes, Richard Sherman is a Chief. He joins Eric Berry and Kendall Fuller in a secondary that all of a sudden is full of talent. Will this lead to wins is the question? When asked that, the brash GM said “it damn well better, or I’ll be kicked out the damn door”.