2020 Draft Class- Offensive Spotlights

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Overall Offensive Draft

Strongest Positions-QB,TE,C

Weakest Positions-WR,T


QB Spotlight

McKenzie Milton-UCF

Milton has changed UCF’s football program during his time there. As a starter for 4 years he led UCF to a 10-3 mark in his freshmen year followed by his miraculous season in 2017 that took UCF to 14-0 and a win over an Auburn team that had beat the eventual National champion Alabama. This led to UCF being the only undefeated team in the nation and, in their eyes, the true National Champion. 2018 Milton took the Knights far but not far enough as they dropped a couple games and finished 11-2. He finished 2nd in the Heisman voting this season to UNLVs Armani Rogers. 2019 was another special year for Milton as he led the Knights to a 12-1 record with their lone loss coming to eventual National Champion Syracuse. His career record is 47-6 as a starter. This year he finally got the Heisman he had been so close to getting in 2018 but fell to 2nd in all other major awards that QBs are eligible for to UNLVs Rogers again. This kid is a of above average speed but will not blow you away. He is one of the more difficult QBs in the draft class to bring down as he finds a way to extend plays. Phenomenal accuracy for a west coast style offense with above average accuracy throwing more than timing routes. He will not be the guy to drop 65 yard bombs but more of a nickel and dime guy. His small stature at 5’11” may scare some away but the athleticism that Milton shows will make you forget how small he is. At 22 years old all indications are that he will be a superstar in the NFL and a franchise QB.



Daniel Jones-Duke

Peyton Manning. Eli Manning. You may be wondering why on earth these names just showed up with Daniel Jones. Duke’s QB is learning from the coach that helped to groom the Manning brothers that have lit up the NFL for the past 2 decades. Big shoes to fill but this kid is more than capable. Standing at 6’5” Jones can easily see downfield with the prototypical size of an NFL QB. After redshirting his freshmen year Jones took over in 2016 and did not have the year of a potential 1st round QB. Duke went a measly 4-8 with Jones completing 62% of his passes. 2017 Jones led the Blue Devils to a bowl game win and a record of 7-6 completing only 57% of his passes. Wondering where the 1st round QB play begins? Well look no further as in 2018 Jones ignites Duke to a 11-3 record and a bowl win with all 3 losses to the National Championship participants (2 loses vs Syracuse and 1 vs FAU). Needless to say the bar was set very high for 2019! #1 in the Heisman voting heading into week 9 a news report breaks that Duke, much like their arch rival North Carolina, thought that athletics came before studies and Jones, and multiple other Blue Devils were suspended for the remainder of the season. Taking the Nick Bosa, Jones decided to leave Duke as he had already graduated thanks to his redshirt year and begin full prep for the NFL draft. Although he may not have the hardware to back up his play, this young man will be a valuable asset to the team that takes the shot on him. The combination of elite accuracy and sound decision making lead many analysts to question his spot as the #2 QB. We are not even paid to write these stories let alone try to predict what the craziness of the USER front offices will decide when it comes to Jones. He is a quick learner and will fit into nearly all schemes.


Kyler Murray-Oklahoma

This QB spotlight would not be complete without mentioning Kyler. Filling in for the crotch groping, flag planting, running from police, Heisman winning, #1 overall pick Wildman that was and is Baker Mayfield was no small task. Already drafted in the 1st round of the MLB draft Kyler could have elected to stop football all together. Instead this speedy outfielder came back and put on a show for 2 seasons with the Sooners and now has decided he will be attempting the same feat that Russell Wilson is currently embarking on. He is reminiscent of Wilson in many ways such as being mobile and having no trouble hitting throws on the mark at the sticks. Some experts say his athleticism is more deserving of a higher draft pick than a 3rd but others point to his low awareness as a QB in the defenseless Big 12 as a negative. He kept Oklahoma in the top 10 both of his seasons as a starter posting a very respectable 24-4 record as a starter.



HB Spotlight

Adrian Killins Jr.-UCF

Yes, I know that I wrote about UCF in an earlier edition so I’ll keep this a little shorter and sweeter. As good as Milton is every good college team needs a workhorse and, for the Knights, Killens Jr was that workhorse. Although he did not win the Heisman in his senior year thanks to his teammate, Killins Jr still tore things up on the ground. His blistering speed and shiftiness allowed him to blow by defenders for long runs. He has great vision and soft hands. He is the definition of a superstar speed back. Weighing in at only 163 pounds he is small but his game is all about avoiding hits not delivering them. This may be a challenge in the league but he still possesses that incredible speed. He was a Heisman finalist and 1st team All-American for a reason. This kid should be a top 10 pick in the draft.


Zach Moss-Utah

This kid is a worker. The name Moss resonates around NFL fans for a reason. Zach is a related to Santana Moss, an All-American at Miami who had more than 10,000 yards receiving during a 14-year NFL career, and Sinorice Moss, a second-round draft pick out of Miami who spent six years in the NFL. The family pedigree is strong in this one. In one of the tightest races for the Walker to date Moss won the award over Killins Jr. He also was a 1st team All-American and looks to be a superstar of his own mold. Without the elite speed that Killins Jr. has, Moss relies on putting his head down and running through people. This old school style back packs a punch weighing in at 217 lbs on a 5’10” frame. He never had the natural ability that some athletes possess but his work ethic is next level and has enabled him to succeed at the highest level and every expectation is that he will continue to be successful. If you want a power back there are none better in this draft than Zach Moss.


Cam Akers-FSU

Coming out as an underclassmen always is a difficult decision. For Akers this decision was made for him as he had an injury this season early on then came back having the best final 4 games out of all skill positions. His blend of elite speed and solid power is hard to compete with. Coming into the season expectations were high for Akers as he was thought to be a high 1st round pick. Since his injury and FSU’s abysmal season he lost the national spotlight. On top of that many scouts are saying that he seems to have reached his potential overall with only a polish here and there left. Not much upside here but you get one hell of a back that can play right away in any system. Don’t let this kid sit around on your draft board as someone will likely take him sometime in the 2nd and weirder things have happened than him going in the 1st.


WR Spotlight

There are no huge gets in this years WR class. There are some with great hands and a couple with above average speed. We are going to highlight one at each of those. Many of the WRs are very much on equal ground.

Great Hands

J.J. Arcega-Whites- Stanford

J.J. catches EVERYTHING. OBJ better be on the lookout for some of his crazy catches. He is also the best route runner in the draft. The only thing holding this guy back is his speed. He will scare no one down the field and should be used as a red-zone threat or a possession guy. Its hard to fix slow so many experts think that he has peaked. Not a project player but a plug and go guy.


Theo Howard-UCLA

The fastest receiver in the class is a burner and everything else is mediocre. If you are looking to build with speed Howard is the ultimate project. He’s not Tyreek Hill fast but he is in line with Denzel Ward speed. He isn’t the quickest learner and will take time to develop into an every down WR but situationally he will be an asset.


TE Spotlight

Hard to separate these guys. 3 Mackey finalists and an underclassmen headline the TE class this year and all of them are talented.

Colby Parkinson-UCLA underclassmen

Kyle Penniston (Pendalton because madden wouldn't allow Penniston)- Wisconsin

Kahale Warring-SDSU

Cole Kmet-Notre Dame


OL Spotlight

Jordan Johnson-LG-UCF

3rd in the Outland award and a 1st team All-American speak volumes about what this kid has done. He is the hardest worker and learns at the fastest level. He’s already talented and will develop very fast. Look for him to be one of the top picks in April.

Zach Shackelford-C-Texas

The best offensive lineman in the draft. Remington award winner and 1st team All-American. He will be a superstar at the next level and an anchor to whatever team drafts him for years to come.

Eric McCoy-C-TAMU

A quiet surprise comes out of TAMU. He’s a stud that has developed at a high level and will continue to develop quickly and be another anchor.

Brandon Walton-RT-FAU

Another low ranked prospect at the beginning of the season emerged as the year went on and made 2nd team All-American. FAUs coaching was significantly better the last 2 seasons and this attributed to his speedy development showing that he can learn when given the tools. The NFL has those tools so look for him to continue to exceed expectations.



The defensive spotlight for the draft will be coming soon. Keep in mind that All-Americans and Award winners/finalists are important and are not just there for no reason. These spotlights have meaning in all of them to reward those that take the time to look at them.