NFC Fighting for 6

by Dolfanatic | 5 months ago | 0 Comments |

It's a wide margin between the playoff seeding for teams that are 5 and 6 seeds - at least for the NFC that is. Both teams holding both seeds are 3 wins back of the current 6th seed with 6 weeks to go. 4 games up on teams that are seeding 7th and down. That means the Cardinals and the Seahawks pretty much both lock playoffs if they win just 3 games. These two teams would only be competing with each other for the Division and a potential 1st round bye.

That being said, looking at the 6th seed, it's literally almost anyone's seed for the taking. The Redskins are currently holding onto that seed with 6 wins, but if they lose one game, it could be lost in an instant pending on some other factors. It's too soon to get into specifics, but with 1 game back the Cowboys, Saints, Rams, Buccaneers, Panthers and if there's a Division shift even the Falcons are waiting to snag that seed immediately. The Redskins control their own destiny, but if they lose they'll certainly need some help getting it back.