Offensive Rookie of the Year Candidates

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It's week 12 of the 2019 NFL Season!
And now we begin to break down 5 Favorites for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

1) Quarterback Josh Allen | Bills | 2630 Yards, 19 Tds, 10 Games
The Rookie out of Wyoming balls out this Season. Leading the League in Pass Yards while still has a Game to Play this Week unlike his competition. With 2630 Yards he averages just 263 passing yards a Game while his 19 TD Passes rank among the top 5 in the League. But surly this Rookie QB isnt without his flaws, tossing 23 INTs already and completing just 57% of his passes.

Conclusion: May be in Pole Position to get that Trophy right now, but the Bills have a tough schedule left and its questionable if he can perform at this level until the end of the Season!

2) Running Back Rashaad Penny | Seahawks | 866 Yards, 8 Tds, 4,8 Yards per Carry
Many Experts assumed that the Seattle Seahawks adress theire Backfield in the first Round of the 2018 NFL Draft. And they did! And boy what an explosive Running Back they got! Penny who was Namend the NFC Offensive Player of the week in Week 2 and 8 finaly managed to get some Pressure of Russel Willson who had an  League Low 4 Interceptions till week 11. Penny already is nearly 200 yards Rushing in front of every other Rookie Back while also Caught 26 Balls for 339 Yads and 2 TDs. This versitile Playmaker already left his mark and will surley only get better.

Conclusion: May not as highly rated as Allen right now, he is a solid and reliable workhorse for Seattle. And since the Bills will have a tough schedule left and Penny being as consistend as he seems to be, it would not shock anybody if he takes this Trophy home!


3) Quarterback Josh Rosen | Cardinals | 2386 Yards, 19 TDs, 62% Comp
We decided to put Rosen on third place. Shoking that a Rookie that will hit 3.500 yards for sure and already tossed 19 TDs to only 6 Interceptions did not rank first in our list. But with a strong 2018 Rookie Class he just has some tough Competition. Rosen really impresses with his poise and consitency. Despite being sacked 27 times alredy (most among Rookies) he still has a the highest Completion Ratio of the top 4 Rookie QBs (Mayfield 61, Darnold 60, Allen 57) with 62%. The other stat that really stands out are the 6 Interceptions. No other first round Quarterback is even near that strech with all of them tossing at least 10 Interceptions (L. Jackson) and up to 33 Interceptions (Darnold)

Conclusion: May be a footstep behind Allen right now and has a tough race with the dual threat Penny, he still is in a very solid third place after all. If Allen stops performing or Penny gets hurt, he will be #1 in no time.

4) Tight End Dallas Goedert | Bills | 701 rec Yards, 1 TD, 10 Games
Another Bill? Yes! Since it is hard to find a performing Rookie Receiver this year, we are glad that we at least got some Tight Ends that stand out. One of them, another one maybe following next, is Dallas Goedert. He is maybe one of the main reasons that Allen got off to a hot start. The 6'4 tall Offensive Player caught 45 Passes for 701 yards. Whats really interesting about it? over 250 yards are RAC yards. Not bad for a Tight End of his statue!

Conclusion: Yes 4th place, but even though Place 1-3 are within a foot or so, the 4th place really falls off. Still a Great Season so far!

5) Tight End Mike Gesicki | Dolphins | 687 rec Yards, 1 TD, 11 Games
Oh thats a Close one! Could he be #4? Maybe! But we decided that Goedert was a little bit better so far. Still Gesicki managed to Catch 41 Balls for 687 Yards and a TD. Not bad for a Rookie TE in an offense that does not get Vertical a lot.

Conclusion: Oh he nearly ended up 4th! But Goedert beats him in every Category by a few Yards, Receptions etc. But same as Goedert he has a insane Rookie Campain but if nothing Crazy happens he wont be in the Discussion for the Trophy once Season ends.

Honorable mention!
Quarterback Sam Darnold | Jets | 2213 Yards 12 TDs | 60% Comp

Oh it hurts to see him injured. For weeks he battled Allen for the Top Spot on this list but now we cant really put him on it anymore. In the Game against Allens Bills he got hammerd by Defensive Tackle Shaq Lawson and will miss 4 Weeks with a Shoulder Tear. Lucky for the Jets one of those weeks was the Bye in week 11. But still, he will miss out 3 Games and we doubt that he will climb back to the Top while only being able to perform 13 Games.