Mock Draft 2021

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Falcons 1st pick

Aging matt ryan with an old matt barkley back up, potential for a number 3 WR, TE hooper not developed as hoped, LT Matthews is aging but capable, C is BAD BAD BAD, RT is old and BAD BAD, LOLB could use help, aging CBs could start being replaced, FS Thomas’ age is showing and backup Allen is not far behind him

Trade back into the first and take a C is the best option there, if he keeps the pick we should see Cesar Ruiz come off the board as he fills this void very well. Trading back with the intent to get a C should be a nerve racking experience for the Falcons as this is a very weak center class.  

Chiefs 2nd pick

QB Carr aging but some in tank no good back up, Kelce starting to age could bring in a replacement, LT needs help, LG needs help, C needs help, RG really needs help, RT needs help, potential CB

A trade back here would be a good idea, with needs across the entire OL that ranges from pitiful to horrid, amassing picks and filling more than 1 spot would be ideal, if they keep the pick look for them to either take Cesar Ruiz if he is still here or either RG Anderson or Dickerson or even RT Sarell, pick an OL and you will be in a good spot.

Cardinals 3rd pick

TE needs help, LG needs help, RG needs help, LOLB needs help, MLB could use help depending on user, Peterson is past his prime time for a new CB

Help your secondary and take CB Amik Robertson at #3, guy is a stud and if it weren’t for the glaring OL issues at #1 and #2 you wouldn’t see him.

49ers 4th pick

Time for a HB, move on from the aging WRs, LT needs help, C could use help, MLB could improve, a CB would be welcome,

HB Brittain Brown could come off the board here. It’s debatable that taking a HB is worth of a top 5 pick or if the 49ers should try to trade back a bit and still find a good HB in a class that is fairly deep, if not Brown I like LT Trey Smith here.

Chargers 5th pick

Time for a QB replace the old dudes, C needs help, RT could use help, RE major need, DT needs help, MLB needs depth, FS could use a guy to develop

TUA COMES OFF THE BOARD, the first QB of the 2021 draft comes off the board, time to learn to play with a lefty, fills the void that the aging Rivers never could.

Seahawks 6th pick

QB is a question mark, HB has depth but no number 1 guy, TE could use help, C needs younger, RG needs help, MLB major need, ROLB huge need, CB depth that is good is needed,

Look for the Seahawks to try to trade back and amass some picks as there is no LB currently worth this pick unless they see something that others do not, LB is the biggest need and any of the best LBs would fit however I like Brandon Hill in the 6 spot or RG Anderson or Dickerson.

Buccaneers 7th pick

WR could get better, LG major need, C needs help, MLB needs improved, SS needs help

Go for the LG either Saige Young or Keith Ismael are a good fit at a position of major need.

Steelers 8th pick

WR depth is questionable past number 2, C is a major need, RG needs depth, RT needs to get younger, RE needs to get younger

If C Cesar Ruiz is still available take him, if not take RG Anderson or Dickerson or LG Young or Ismael with the intent to move to C with how weak this center class is.

Bengals 9th pick

QB Barnett could prove to be the future with more development after a very good year, HB is a potential to improve, TE needs to get young talent, LT needs help, RG needs help, LE could use help, RE needs help, ROLB could use help, CB could be helped

RE Joe Dillon would be a great fit for the Bengals who really need someone to get after opposing QBs.

Vikings  10th/29th picks

WR or TE potentially, LT HUGE need, RG is a big need, RT is a HUGE need, MLB needs talent, CB depth is missing

OL, OL, OL get yourself an OL with the 10th and 29th! With so many in the top 10 with OL needs the best available will be taken by the Vikings as they could use help at 3 spots on the OL. If I have to pick I would say that they will go for RG Ismael at 10 then RT Sarell at 29 if he is still around.

Saints 11th/30th picks

LT maybe, LG huge need, C big need, RG could be helped, SS could be helped

Doesn’t matter who they are going to take the top OL left. They need help at 4 positions on the line and don’t need to be too picky here. At 11 they are really focused on who the Vikings take. I could see LG Young and Ismael at the top of their list followed by LT Wes Little or Andrew Thomas.

Titans 12th pick

LT needs help, MLB help needed, SS help needed, solid everywhere good no where

Take a LT. Andrew Thomas will likely still be around for you to take here.

Giants 13th pick

LT needs help, LOLB could get better, CB needs improvement

CB is likely where the Giants should go, CB Darney Holmes or Jeffrey Okudah are both great picks here. I will say they are going to take Holmes as he is projected higher but it wouldn’t be the first time a higher projected pick wasn’t better than a lower projection.

Bills 14th pick

TE needs help, C needs help, RT major major need, LE needs improvement, DT needs improvement, MLB depth, ROLB Matthews is old time to move on, SS could start developing a replacement

RT Sarell should be at the top of their list, DT would not be a bad spot here either as the top DT in Rashad Weaver will likely still be around.

Cowboys 15th pick

DT could get younger, SS needs to get younger,

Hmmmm, yeah no idea, age is a factor at DT and SS so I would say you are looking for either the best DT or best SS whichever is available, SS Javelin Guidry would be the top SS but with a late 4th round projection he probably isn’t high on many boards which leads me to think the Cowboys will go to DT and take Rashad Weaver if he is still there, after that they should just go with the best available as they do not have many needs just need to develop.

Redskins 16th pick

QB QB QB QB, need an everydown HB, WR could use some help, TE needed, LT start developing, C HUGE need, RT needed, LOLB could use a younger upgrade, MLB really needs help

Here we see our 2nd QB of the draft go. The Redskins are in desperate need for a good young QB. Look for them to take Armani Rogers out of UNLV as the league is transitioning towards the more mobile QBs.

Ravens  17th pick

WR help, LG really needs help, C needs help, RE could use an age upgrade, ROLB needs some help

If the Ravens feel that the LGs that are available are good then that is where they will go. But the OL class will likely be decimated by this point in the draft while LB and DE have only had a couple looks. I see the Ravens nabbing LE Curtis Weaver to give them an edge rusher.

Jags 18th pick

RT HUGE need, FS could use some help, SS could use some help

Best case scenario here is the RT Sarell is still on the board, that would be the fastest pick you have ever seen in the draft, if he is not I like a CB here with the intent to move to one of the safety spots. An of the top 5 CBs that are left would be solid. My nod goes to CB Jeffrey Okudah as he is solid size for a safety.

Raiders 19th pick

RG needs help, LOLB needs a lot of help, ROLB needs a lot of help, CB needs to be a major focus, FS needs some improvement,

CB is likely going to be the biggest area of focus as that is not as deep as the LB class according to scouts. With the top 3 likely to be gone at this point it would not be a surprise for the Raiders to go after Scott or Long as they are close to equal in many ways.

Dolphins 20th pick

LG HUGE need, C pretty big need, ROLB Lee is past his prime move on

It’s too bad that the Dolphins need a LG or C badly in a draft with not very many, C Kody Russey hasn’t garnered much attention yet but being projected as a top 10 pick means you did something right and he is who I believe we will see come off the board.

Lions 21st pick

QB find Staffords replacement, need a #3 WR, RG HUGE need, LE and RE both need help, MLB could use help, FS need replacement

Here’s to hoping that either RG Anderson or Dickerson fall to the Lions. Outside of that they have multiple avenues they could go but the most likely seems to be QB. Ian Book out of Notre Dame has a similar playstyle to Stafford and would likely fit in well with the environment. Not that this matters in video games but he is also used to the crazy midwestern weather now.

Texans 22nd pick

WR depth is needed, LG BIG need, C is going to be needed this year or next year

With OL being pretty much gone and only by one hell of a stroke of luck, look for the Texans to get Deshaun Watson some help on the outside with a WR. Look for them to go after Tre Nixon out of UCF as a great counter punch to Fuller.

Rams 23rd/25th picks

LG Huge need, C Huge need,

Best available OL will come here. I see Drake Jackson from Kentucky being snagged by the Rams then follow that up with Austin Jackson LT out of USC.

Pats 24th pick

WR threat to go along Chark, RT HUGE need, MLB needs help, SS needs to get younger,

They would love to see a good RT here, the safer bet is that one of the 4 projected first round LTs is still available and then the Pats take them. The most likely scenario is that the go after a WR threat to compliment Chark. Thinking WR Tre Nixon is the one they would want but Greg Dortch is a solid grab as well.

Broncos 26th pick

LG needs help, C needs help, RG needs help, RT could use help, ROLB needs help,

Take any OL that you please that’s left, cannot afford to wait around so even a reach for an OL may pan out. LT Cade Mays, C Trystan Castillo, or even RG Alex Leatherwood are my top picks for them, with Leatherwood surprisingly being the most likely to help them.

Bears 27th pick

Time to replace Cam maybeeee, LT could use help, C could use help, LE get younger

OL is torched by this point, a good young QB may be an option and I like D’eriq King out of Houston. He fits the mobile style but is not as big as Cam Newton.

Browns 28th pick

Try to trade some HBs to get some picks, C needs help, LOLB HUGE need, MLB big need, ROLB could use help,

They are going to jump at a LB as many of the top LBs are still available. Colin Schooler a MLB out of Arizona is likely to be here and as the 2nd highest projected LB in the class look for him to be available and taken here.

Eagles 31st pick

#2 WR HUGE need, C get younger, RG get younger, ROLB get younger, FS needs help, SS Smith is getting up there in age and a 12 mil cap savings can be achieved potentially

WR is what I see happening here. After a year of having one real WR and still making the SB what’s going to happen once he gets Tre Nixon. I’m not sold on either of the other teams I said may go WR taking him but the Eagles have few needs and he fits what they are looking to do. Outside of him they likely would take the best DB available which would be the 5th of the CBs that are projected in the first round.

Jets 32nd pick

Find a #1 WR priority, RT HUGE need, ROLB could use help

Hopes and prayers from the Jets want a good RT to still be available. Good luck with that. Realistically I see them taking either straight up best available which may be a LT or they will go to a WR. A slight reach potentially from his projection but at 6’6” TJ Vasher out of TTU may just get pulled in the 1st round.

Colts No First Round Picks

Find a good QB high need, find an every down back decent need,

Packers No First Round Picks

Prep for time after Rodgers, Find some good WRs (2), TE needs improved, LOLB needs help, MLB needs help, ROLB needs help,

Panthers No First Round Picks

WR needs to get younger, LT needs help, LG needs help, CB upgrades would be welcome but not needed