Steering through troubled waters

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When "il Capitano" was elected as the new captain after the 0-2 start, no one on board could have predicted that the season would end in a surprising wild card appearance.

il Capitano found a few stranded sailors on FA (Derek Carr, Andrew Luck, Corey Liuget), bargained with other crews about sailors (hiring Taywan Taylor, releasing Houston Hogans and our longtime giant Mike Evans)
and managed to form a string of victories for a late playoff push...

The crew's wildcard appearance was abysmal, deservingly losing to a better Saints crew, ending the 2020 season.

2021 was meant to be a season of hope for the Bucs, with 2 first round picks, and 2 second round picks, but fate would have different plans...

While the ship docked, awaiting the pending draft, il Capitano was resting (dreaming about glorious young sailors to hire), not aware that the Ship "Daylight Saving Time" was fast approaching with a plan to commandeer our first round draft picks.
By the time the captain awoke, and sent everyone to the battle stations, the damage was halfway done - the "Daylight Saving Time" was able to get away with one of our first round picks...

The Draft woes continued, as il Capitano's lack of drafting experience showed, with a mediocre draft class - but with 2 hopes for the future:
- 21 year old Deshawn Sims joined the guard-team, and should help protect the ship's gunner Luck immediately.
- 22 year old Keith Armstrong joined the boarding team, and due to his 6'6" stature, the hope of the captain is that the sheer size of Armstrong will scare other crews into submission.

Lady luck was not a friend of the Bucs yet again, as the 2021 schedule was released, drawing battles with some of the better crews found on the seven seas.

With troubled waters ahead, no one really knows what the future holds for the Bucs and il Capitano, and one would be a fool to speculate,
The Bucs will just need to take it one battle at a time, grinding, battling and maybe even surviving the fight for some off-season action.