Black Knights Owner: Cowboys Have "Below Average User MLB Abilities"

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The London Black Knights are back in the playoffs again, and just like every season, they appear to be a Super Bowl contender. After winning the Super Bowl during Season 2, the team, led by owner Alex, is preparing to face off against heated rival the Dallas Cowboys.
The two teams famously met during Season 3's playoffs in a game now known as the Offensive Bounty Gate. The Black Knights came out victorious, winning 40-7, but the game led to a number of violations for Alex, who was accused of running up the score against his opponent. 
Now, the 12-4 Cowboys, who will be moving to Houston and becoming the Oilers next season, are ready to beat Goliath but before they match-up, we sat down with the Black Knights' owner to get his thoughts on the game and his feelings about the Cowboys. Unfortuately, at the time of writing, a gametime between the two has yet to be set up, with some (Parker) accusing Cowboys of being a duck.
1. Last time you faced off against the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs, you ended up coming out with a few violations due to the way you played. Do you have any regrets about that game?
I will never regret beating the piss out of Seth, and I knew exactly what I would be getting as punishment. HOWEVER, John Ross getting removed from rewards is the only reason Long Hardy got WR of the year. Seth will never admit that he needed my mistakes to actually get rewards, but it’s true
2. What's your game plan going into your game against the Cowboys?
The game plan will be more of the same. Attack his below average user MLB abilities and mix up my playcalls and defensive formations. This go around I definitely need to be more efficient with my drives
3. What is it about the Cowboys that makes you want to beat the brakes off of him?
Seth is the opponent I want to beat the most, but he’s also the opponent I want to lose to the least. The way he runs his mouth is like no other. The incredible thing is that he manages to find something to say no matter what. Although he has no rings in any league, he still clings onto an almost victory against me in madden and an ALCS victory in MLB. Gotta take your victories where you can get them I guess. I can’t even imagine what he’d say if he beat me in a madden playoff.
4. The owner of the soon to be Houston Oilers has made it his mission to call you out in the chat any chance he gets. Why does he hate you?
At this point you have to assume he’s envious of me. A ring in MLB and Madden? Bottom line is I’m different. Maybe it’s a tactic to get in the head of the opponent, honestly nobody is quite sure. It might also be the fact that he refuses to admit I’m a good team developer. Yeah I took a great Saints roster, but I built them to be even better, and Greenduk didn’t take a bottom feeder team either, both times :wink:
5. If you're able to pull off a win against the Cowboys, do you believe your team has what it takes to win another Super Bowl?
I always feel like my team has ability to win it all. A 96 overall roster better have the ability to do so.
6. Out of all the teams left in the playoffs, which team scares you the most?
I’m not afraid of any team, but with an 0-7 career record vs the Barons, I know they’re the team that is in my way. Gotta beat them at some point.....right?
7. Is there one nice thing you can say about the Cowboys owner?
Aside from all of the shit talk, the memes, the roasts, the hate chat, there are definitely good things I can say about Seth. We recently met up in South Carolina for dinner on my way home from Spring Break. He also supplied me with some diet and workout plans that have really helped me out so far. Even though he wanted me to wear his fallout helmet while he got on his knees and submitted to me, i kindly declined even though it was a nice gesture. I definitely have some respect for him.