2020 Playoff Projection

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#1 Kansas City Chiefs (15-1) – The Chiefs will remain a one loss team heading into playoffs to secure a #1 seed, home field advantage and a first-round bye.


#2 New York Jets (15-1) – New York will not lose another game to finish the season but their tie breaker loss vs. Chiefs will be the difference in a #1/#2 seed. 


#3 Baltimore Ravens (14-2) – The Ravens success will continue but run into a minor hiccup as they play the Chiefs in week 15. However, this loss will not move them up or down in seeding.


#4 Jacksonville Jaguars (9-7) – BARELY, The Jacksonville Jags will lose two of their last three games, but this will be just enough due to them being a part of the weakest division in the AFC. 


#5 Cleveland Browns (12-4) – The Browns have proven to be a top contender in the league and this will continue to be the story their last few games. They will lose one game to Washington, but this will not be any type of roadblock to secure one of the two wildcard spots. 


#6 Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) – This will be the comeback story of the year, after starting the season 1-3, the Steelers have found a lot of success in the second half of the season. Pittsburgh has recently beaten the Browns and the Cowboys which has shown people the potential of this team. 




New England Patriots (8-8) – As nice as the head coach is, nice can only get you so far. The Patriots haven’t made much noise this season, mainly because they’ve been MIA for most of season it feels like. The Patriots will lose all four of their last games to finish the season at 8-8, therefore watching the playoffs from the couch. 


Indianapolis Colts (8-8) – The Colts were destined for playoffs until the underdog GB Packers(1-11) embarrassed them in their own city. This will be the start of the downfall to end the season, as they will lose three of their last four games. (GB, CLE, PITT)


Denver Broncos (8-8) – Much like the Colts, Denver will choke when it matters the most. The Broncos will lose to the underdog Bills and the KC Chiefs which will put them at .500, but more importantly on the outside looking in. 






#1 Chicago Bears (16-0) – It’s taken three seasons… The Chicago Bears will be the first team to go undefeated. They will steam roll everyone in their path to finish the season. 

#2 Atlanta Falcons (13-3) – Despite a rocky start the Falcons have been on a hot streak lately and will continue to be on that streak. Atlanta will win every game to finish the season and take the #2 spot. 


#3 Washington Redskins (13-3) – The Redskins will finish the season on an 8-game win streak which, could be huge heading into playoffs, they could’ve found a first-round bye if it weren’t for a week one loss to the Falcons. 


#4 Seattle Seahawks (10-6) – Seattle will win two make or break games vs. the 49ers to capture the #4 seed. Their playoff run could come to a quick halt in the first round of playoffs though.  


#5 New Orleans Saints (11-5) The Saints will break into the playoffs for the first time in the past three seasons. This (10-6) matchup game with the Seahawks could be a very good contest, prediction is that it will come down to the last drive. 


#6 Los Angeles Rams (9-7) – LA will win three of their last four to capture the #6 seed over the SF 49ers. Their playoff run will likely not make it past round one though. 




San Francisco 49ers (8-8) – The 49ers have been red hot this season…BUT what goes up must come down. The 49ers will lose their final five games to just barely miss the wildcard spot and find themselves exiting early. 


Dallas Cowboys (6-10) – Too hot, too early. Dallas has lost their last five games and this cold streak will continue as they face Seattle week 15. The Cowboys franchise has experienced heartbreak through the years, thought this season would be different…. guess not. #Where’sRomo