Lions fight tough to survive the head butt of the Rams.

by Eraycer | 2 months ago | 0 Comments |

With a week after a tough loss with the Bear, Coach Gilbert made the call and some changes to the lineup for the game with the Rams. LaGarrett Blount has been having tough contract negotiations week in and week out and with proformance effecting the team outcome we felt it was time to bench him and give another younger running back a chance. Its amazing how much one change can do for morale, out defence stepped out big when they needed to and our offence put in a solid effort to make plays when they really needed too, in fact the only thing that cost us the win was out coach, with one minute left in the game the call was make to kick a feld goal rather then go for it on forth down, after the game durning the press conference the question was asked "Why not take a shot?" Gilbert simply answered I didn't really think about it about, I felt it would be an easy 3 points and the defence would do the rest, the Rams only had two time outs and being as far down the field as we were we could hold them, but after we duffed the kick I realized that the rules state in the forth quarter you can go for it on forth down, once I realized that I realized that we beat ourselves. Now on the othe next game.