GRID WEEKLY'S Rookie Watch

by thebrokenrobotz | 1 year ago | 3 Comments |

This season so far has given us some franchise changing rookies that has put their teams in a better position so far this season then they have had in previous seasons. Let's take a look at some of players I feel that may be in the running for Grid's Rookie of the Year!

Malik Price (QB) #5

Malik Price so far has done a fair job putting his team at 4-4 on the year. He's currently throwing at a 59% completion rate. He has thrown 12 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Overall the Eagles are 18th in passing yards so it's not a huge jump from their last season at the position, but Malik has given them stability at the position. Last season the team basically split reps between Wentz and Eakin and only had a total of 10 passing touchdowns.

Grant Ryan (QB) #17

Grant Ryan right now for me sits at the top of the list. He has given the Detriot Lions a hope for the future after years of inconsistency and poor play at the position. In comparison to his draft classmate he has struggled a tad more, but he isn't far off from Malik statistically. Ryan is throwing at a 54% completion rate and has 6 touchdowns on the season so far. He has thrown 14 interceptions. The team is still sitting at the bottom of the league when it comes to passing yards. Compared to last season he is on track to do better than all three of the QB the team had start for them. Due to the Lion's division I do still feel that the defensive play from his division rivals will make it hard for his numbers to shine as well as Malik's.

Allen Reese (WR) #84

Allen was one of the most dangerous WR in this year's draft because of his blinding speed. He has had 44 receptions this season for 818 yards. The only downside of his play is that he has only one touchdown on the year. As this season has gone so far he's gained more and more yards each game for the Bengals. He's already surpassed the numbers their top reciever had last year in yards. With his effords after the catch he has gotten the Bengals to the top of the league sitting at number four when it comes to passing yards. In Grid he's right behind Amari Cooper in revieving yards.

Allan Orchard (ROLB) #56

On the defensive side Allan Orchard has done wonders in boosting the defense. He has had 25 tackles, 6 sacks, and 3 interceptions. Since the beginning of the season his play has dipped off ine the last couple of weeks but his team mates have helped keep the defense at the top in Grid. The team is currently 1st in the league in all categories outside of stopping the run.