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The NFC North has always been a division with a lot of talent and very competitive. If the Detroit Lions would change their losing ways and change their fortune around then we might just have the toughest division in the league. On the other hand we have the Chicago Bears, a team who plays with all their strengths to go all out and leave it all on the grid iron. For many seasons they have been heart-broken with the Green Bay Packers dominating the division and always leaving them one game out the playoffs. It must be downright discouraging having a great season and still missing playoffs. But that’s the nature of this division if you ain’t finishing the season with no more than 4 losses then its going to be near impossible making the post season. The Bears are currently second in the NFC North with an 8-3 record trailing the usual Green Bay Packers. They are neck and neck, with plenty of games left to try to takeover the throne. The Bears are a well-rounded team but many can argue that it has been the defense that has carried this team to this years success. The acquisition of CB Tremon Smith has payed great dividends as he has tallied an impressive 9 interceptions for the team. The inside linebacker Parker Hines has also played a vital role in the secondary as he continues to have a solid year with 9 sacks, with 6 interceptions and two defensive touchdowns. As a result the Bears rank top five in yards allowed, points allowed and turnovers forced. Although this team relies mostly on their defense I can confidently say that the offense has added positive players to add more explosiveness to that side of the ball. A pivotal role has been RB Tamarcus Winn who in his first year in Chicago is having a very good season. He just took over the first string role and is already contributing with 412 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns. Another great addition to the offensive side is QB Josh Moore who came in and  relieved Trubisky of the starting role and is now the leader of that offense. With only 27 years of age he still has a lot of potential to succeed in his career. This year he has helped the team by throwing for 1626 passing yards and 9 touchdowns. As a Chicago sports writer I’m very eager to see how this season plays out for them, and I hope they can finally get the monkey off their back. The whole state of Illinois is tired of seen the Packers in the top every year and are anxious to dethroned them for once and for all!

There was once a time when the Denver Broncos stood high in the AFC West and continuously made a statement to be a Super Bowl contender. Once the departure of Coach Najulc came about the Mile High State has never been the same.....Until now that is. A team who made a living off their name “NO FLY ZONE” is now back with the same intentions as before. Now under new management they have found new life and are one of the favorites to raise the Lombardi trophy this year. They have completely taking over the AFC WEST surpassing the once heavy favorite Kansas City Chiefs. The front office worked extra hard this off-season to land Jadeveon Clowney to the defensive line as they were desperately in need of an exceptional edge rusher. Although he was an expensive pick up, costing the team a whopping 29.30 millions this season he has more than lived up to the expectations and to every penny spent as of now. His relentless attack to get to the QB has rewarded him with a remarkable 18 sacks accompany with 3 forced fumbles. His leadership has had a positive impact on the whole defense as they currently rank at the top of the league with only 14.0 points allowed per game. They also rank in the top ten in every major category in the league. In addition, the offense is no slack as they also have made a name for themselves led my QB Aaron Magic. Ironically, Aaron was involved in a conversation which included three teams that would have landed him in Seattle. Unfortunately, the retirement of the Dolphins head coach resulted in the Broncos to back out the trade. Since then Magic has been nothing but a magician passing the ball living up to his last name. He has so far 1804 passing yards with 18 touchdowns. Even more impressive is his completion rate with 187 attempts with 97 of them resulting in completed passes. The trade talk might have worked in favor of the Broncos as it triggered Aaron to step his game up and prevail in the league. He is now the leader of this offense and if he continues to dominate the aerial game then we will see the Broncos in the super bowl. The Mile High State is back to its high level of football and is a few games from reaching the peak of the mountain.