The Freeze Seals The W

by mattnaimo | 1 week ago | 0 Comments |

The Patriots and Ravens went head to head in a defensive battle in Week 2, with the game being decided on the last play.

Although they ran the ball effectively, the Patriots could not consistently move the chains, especially on third down.

Chung (QB) did make some nice throws while Edelman made some big catches.  However, the Ravens kept them out of scoring range time and time again.

2 TDs from Sony Michele was all the scoring NE had.  He had a touchdown in the first quarter that gave the Pats a 7-0 lead off of a run that showed impressive footwork.  His second TD was a 50 yard scamper on the outside.

This forced the Ravens to keep feeding Ingram, who had 100+ yards and a big touchdown.  Late in the fourth, they cut the lead to 14-12 with a Hill TD run at the 1 yardline.

After forcing a punt, the Ravens had the ball with a chance to win.  They picked their way down the field patiently, setting up a makeable FG attempt to end the game.  However, Coach Naimo called time out before the snap.  Tucker then missed the kick, and the Pats walked out with a tough road win.


The pass rush for the Pats was very effective.  They had 7 total.  This could be a big factor for their defense moving forward.