LA's Aaron Donald

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This is Aaron's league.

The Los Angeles Chargers have lead the AFC since early this year, and it's painfully obvious as to why. The new X Factors this year are apparently crucial to a team's success as the Chargers' head coach has leaned on Aaron Donald and hall of famer Drew Brees throughout this opening season. 

When Michael Strahan shocked the world with 22.5 sacks, the 10 year old Aaron Donald was still playing pick up football in the coldasac. It is curious if he knew the grand potential that rested inside of him. You see, some people are born for things. Michael Phelps for swimming, Peyton Manning for Quarterbacking, Hillary Clinton for losing, some people just come out of the womb destined for things. Aaron Donald was meant to sack quarterbacks and chew bubble gum, and ladies and gentleman, the LA chargers are all out of bubble gum.

I don't think it can be overstated how much a player averaging 2 sacks a game can do for your defense. Quarterback's start sweating, the reads become sloppier and more importantly, your offense sees the field more often as sacks are generally drive enders. By all means, sacks are not everything but when you surround an all time great DT with solid linebackers and a staunch secondary, you have yourself a championship defense and that is exactly what has been brewing in LA.

Ricardo allen might not be the star of the defense, but he is ever important; controlling the flow and terrifying quarterbacks, he locks down entire portions of the field. You pair that with a record breaking number of sacks then it is no surprise that he has as many interceptions as he does. Reshad Jones is the safety next to him and together they have come down with 12 interceptions.

The defense is terrifying, believe me, but it takes two parts to make a whole and Drew Brees understands this. He has spent most of his career with a shitty defense he has never seen such success like this. 

The offense has been constructed perfectly for Drew as he gets into his later years and loses a bit of his throw power. Davante adams, Tj Hockensen are the two focal points for this dink and dunk offense while Nelson Agholor and James Washington provide speed and agility in the slot. If you pair those playmakers with this impeccable running game, you have yourself the rest of a championship squad.

Aaron Jones and CJ anderson are definitely this team's weakness however the run game has been strong all year while they averaged 4.6 and 4.8 yards per game respectively. This head coach knows how to coach around his weaknesses, you love to see it.

All in all, the LA Chargers have surrounded their HOF X Factors with talent that meshes well. With an 11-3 record they are currently 1st in the AFC and will undoudtedly be recieving the first round bye. Lets hope the best DT in the league doesn't lose his edge, the Revival playoffs is a whole different beast.