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As we enter the young season a new entity has appeared on the horizon.

Long, wet, and pure the long awaited ruler of AGS has come to reclaim the territory it so rightfully deserved. The first signs were revealed to us on Smithy's stream a quick flash of an amazon page with a spray mop.

Many were bewildered and distraught, others in awe. The long fortold savior of AGS had given us a sign. Not a coincidence that a rule that was meant to clean up the league was passed only an hour earlier.

This is clearly a sign that only our savior, Spray Mop, can clean up our league and bring the cleanest team to the promised land.

Who will be the cleanest team?

Will it be Briana,(AKA Smithy) the revealer of Spray Mop?

Will it be Seymour or Samwow, the prophets of Spray Mop?

Remember our brother Jarrett as a martyr for our cause. The unclean may once again become clean. Come to the light brother Jarrett

Do not walk along the unclean path. Do not blasphemise our savior or forever face a lifetime of dirt and grime at the behest of our almighty savior Spray Mop. Remember our brother Jarrett as a martyr for spray mop. Rise up from the bellows of AGS and make our land CLEAN