Mikeal Jones Rookie Report

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As we near the end of another grueling NNFL season we should look back and reminisce (possibly obsess) about the latest rookie class. This season has been one with many surprises and great stories, and none are as exciting as the collective QB class storyline. 


Top QBs (Listed in order of individual performance.) 


4th pick Elliott Halladay MIN

3rd pick Eli Burroughs CIN

89th pickShawn Medlock ATL

2nd pick Jimmy Giancarlo-Almodovar DET

8th pick Andrew Perry PIT


Heading into the season all eyes were on Heisman candidates Andrew Perry and Jimmy Almodovar. Perry has dominated at all levels prior to the NFL but has stumbled so far, in comparison to another former ACC QB Elliott Halladay. The ties between these two QBs run deep, Both were the top 2 QBs coming out of Florida. Both Halladay and Perry decided to stay in their home state, Perry to Florida State and Halladay to Miami. Halladay and Perry also played each other in the  ACC championship, where Perry was victorious. Almodovar was known simply as the incredible athlete who could be phenomenal if he could become a refined passer. Jimmy Almodovar was such a great athlete that he faced a difficult decision prior to the start of the season. To baseball or not to baseball, a situation like we’ve never seen before in the NFL...Eli Burroughs has an incredible arm and is the biggest reason why he was drafted so high. With that being said he struggles with accuracy at times and lacks the mobility that the rest of his class has. Last, but most certainly not least is Shawn Medlock who might have the best story out of the entire class. As a 3rd round pick Medlock wasn’t expected to be producing the way that he has so far. Rumor has it that Medlock may be shipped out of Atlanta following the season. When asked about their team management philosophy the Falcons GM replied, “Huh? Oh what are we doing? Hell if I know I’m just trying to bang my boss’ wife.” 


Although you may not believe me there is more to say about the draft class than just QBs. Prior to the draft I listed my top 5 prospects so now we will take a look at those players.  


7th pick Elliott Stimson LB CHI

  • Stimson has led all rookies in tackles this season and has made a big impact with a handful of interceptions and a few forced fumbles. 

11th pick Marc Fells TE TEN

  • Fells has had a remarkable season so far and has stepped into a huge role on this team. Even after bringing in Travis Kelce the primary target for Dell Potts has remained Fells

8th pick Marquis Graves DT TEN

  • Graves has carried over his success in college to the pro level as he has become a huge part of this top 10 Tennessee defense. 

6th pick Freddie Bailey CB ARI

  • Bailey has proved to be a solid addition to the Cardinals defense. There were some concerns about his effort in the run game, but his tackling totals have alleviated that concern. 

1st pick Jimmy Almodovar QB DET

  • Not going to type anymore about him. 


GMs are often made or broken on how they use their picks, but more often than not the early picks have the biggest impact on the GM’s future. 


Top Early Round Performers (Rounds 1-3 Based off of stats through week 15)


8th pick Marc Fells TE TEN

  • 17 TDs

4th pick Elliott Halladay QB MIN

  • 52 TDs

32nd pick Jabari Galvin DE WAS/LAC

  • 8 Sacks

7th pick Elliott Stimson LB CHI

  • 48 Tackles

55th pick Sean Stark CB NYJ

  • 12 Interceptions


Of course not all of your early picks prove to be the best players in your draft class, hell some players aren’t drafted and prove to be stars. 


Under The Radar Standouts (4th-UDFA)


112th pick Gill Jackson DE LAC

  • 7 sacks

100th pickStewart Watts TE LAR

  • 8 TDs

183rd pick Seth Bullard TE NYJ

  • 14 TDs

UDFA William Tomlinson WR LAC

  • 19 TDs


Last but not least I will give the big uglies some love. Too often are the foundations of a team ignored for flashy positions like WR or CB, but now is the time for the true heart of a football team the Offensive line. Each year I plan to give out my Hog Molly award which will go to the lineman who made the biggest impact for his team. 


Season 2 Hog Molly award winner, Trey “Not all that glitters is gold” Silverman G SEA. 10th pick

  • To say that Trey Silverman is the best offensive lineman in Seattle is an understatement. Legend has it that the day that he walked into the Seahawks facility the lights fluttered out of sheer excitement, or perhaps due to his near divine presence. A champion to stand against the great evil that is Aaron Donald? Well no, Donald still had his way irregardless of Silverman being there. His impact was felt nevertheless, not only by the team but the community as well. Stricken by the harsh days of offensive linemen-less Seattle the community gawked at the idea of a solid OL. This enthusiasm actually led to the creation of a new PNW cult, Treyism.