Restart League Update

by ChitownGames | 2 months ago | 0 Comments |

Around the League

Alot of fresh faces around the league in hopes of new rivalries and good competition! Too early to tell who of the new guys will emerge from the pack and who will fade into the shadows, we'll need a few more weeks to compile power rankings of the bunch but should be an exciting ride for those who stick around

Be on the Lookout

AFC: Jets, is a new competitor with a lot of talk and confidence, will he be able to back it up and make a run this year and make a name for himself, only time will tell! Honorable mentions: Chargers and Bengals, both top contenders last go around looking to come back strong. Will they be able to represent the vets of the group and hold off the new herd or will they get uoset by an underdog!?

NFC: Bears, finishing off last go around with back to back Superbowls he's hungry and looking to make it 3 in a row, it won't be easy to take down this old dog but anything is possible on any given sunday! Honorable Mentions: Seahawks, as a previous super bowl winner he's looking to make his way back to the big dance will he be able to overcome his rival nfc opponent bears while holding his own against all the new uncharted talent of the league?
All in all with a fresh start new names, new comp, new divisions it's anyone's game at this point who will come out victorious and who will be the clowns of the league, stay tuned for more updates throughout the season and look forward to week 8 power rankings!!