AGS 2021 Mock Draft

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1)            Bills        (Via Texans)

                QB          T. McKee            

                Jonathan Smith is a name I think we might hear get the call for an Offensive coordinator job, if teams start to sputter early offensively this year. After the development of Dave Cooke last year, Smith was capable of coming out with a brand-new playbook and has done it again with Todd McKee.

                McKee has had one of the better offensive lines of any QB this draft (between Forrest & Gonzalez) and has primary moved the offense through an RPO style offense that might not transition so well to the NFL. A few trick plays and flea flickers allowed McKee to demonstrate his monster arm for 60+ yard bombs, but often to wide open receivers. Only time will tell if he can hit those tighter windows that are required in the NFL.


2)            Patriots (Via Rams)

                QB          N. Gore

                Gore is the most NFL ready QB we've seen in this year’s draft class. Seeing that Mack Miles (his top target @ Oregon State) is slated to be a top 10 pick at WR this year, its clear that Gore can put the ball on target almost anywhere on the field.

                Although he may not be as capable of creating plays with his feet as McKee is, he'll be capable of plugging into any offense and getting the ball where it needs to be.


3)            Titans    (Via Panthers)

                MLB       D. Bosher

                A defensive Heisman winner, Bosher will be capable of fitting into a leadership role on almost any NFL squad.



4)            Rams     (Via Patriots)

                C             B. Forrest           

                The most technically sound offensive lineman that we've seen in a few years, missed assignments won't be an issue for Forrest in his NFL debut.


5)            Browns                

                RE           T. Shields

                The staple of this game in recent years has been the pass rush and Shields is one of the more dominant looking edge rushers out of this year’s draft class.             


6)            Panthers (Via Eagles)

                WR         S. Maxwell

                Between his impressive combine outing and a knack for coming down with the football, I don't expect Maxwell to be on the around for long.


7)            Colts                     

                CB           C. Reynolds       

                One of the better looking DBs this draft class, this Kentucky star has shown he's capable of guarding taller WRs despite his 5'9 height.


8)            Seahawks (Via Bills)

                RG          D. Chekwa         

                With multiple question marks along the front 5, they'll need to try to address them in this draft. After an impressive showing in this year’s combine, I expect Chekwa to crack the top 10.


9)            Chargers                                                             

                QB          E. Aguayo

                This might be a bit of a reach, but the Chargers have a big question mark at the future of QB and might try to fill it here. Aguayo will be a project that might take a few years to complete.



10)          Cardinals             

                CB           J. Melvin

                Between a lackluster lineup of slower CBs and Melvin's notable 4.45 40 time at the combine, I think Melvin is a good addition to this squad     



11)          Falcons                

                RG          D. Gay  

                There’s a number of younger OL on the Falcons squad that are competing for a starting role, but none are very good. Expect the Cardinals to up the competition with a pickup of Gay here.



12)          Bengals               

                WR         M. Miles             

                Many have credited much of Gore's success to Miles this year and with good reason. This guy is going to come down with 75% of what would be seen as a “50/50” ball in today’s NFL.


13)          Raiders                

                HB          L. Carruthers                     

                For a team that was 22nd in rushing last year despite an impressive front 5, Carruthers is just the spark plug this offense needs, providing reliable check downs and respect for the running game, the latter of which, Josh Jacobs has lost in the AFC West.



14)          Chiefs  

                LG           B. Sarra

                If Mahomes had any additional riders in the massive contract he signed this season, it would be to address the personal holes that exist for that offensive line.  Sarra seems like the man for the job.


15)          Giants  

                DE           R. Rose                

                Looking to re-establish their identity as a top pass rushing team, the giants will look for a capable DE to return them to glory. Rice had one of the more lockdown secondaries that we've seen at the collegiate level in recent years (With notables Holloway, Killings, & Xavier capturing just a few DBs that decided to elect for the draft this year). So although Rose was tied for NCAA sack leader, critics of Rose have cited that they believe many of those generated by great secondary play.



16)          Packers               

                LT            I. Hobbs

                With division rivals sending the likes of Khalil Mack off either defensive edge last year, Rodgers is likely hoping for another capable tackle opposite Bakhtiari, to slow down opposing pass rushers.



17)          Seahawks                           

                ROLB     J. Berry

                The Seahawks front 7 is getting older and this squad is in desperate need of a fresh pair of legs in the pass rush. Berry should be a capable 4-3 or 3-4 DE for any squad.        



18)          Jaguars                

                WR         R. Shaw

                After seeing early success from Dave Cooke, expect the Jags to provide him with another weapon to further push his development this season.



19)          Vikings                 

                RT           L. Barwin

                Despite being a lock down pass blocker, Barwin has remained a RT for his collegiate career. I think the Vikings could turn Barwin into the capable LT that they're in need of.



20)          Redskins                             

                MLB       D. McQueen     

                With Kyler Murray in the building, the offense is poised to be a contender for #1 in points scored this year. The defense will be the focus this draft if they plan to give up less points then they score this season


21)          Steelers               

                ROLB     J. Carmichael     

                Another capable linebacker and weak side compliment to Watt should help to establish both run and passing capability for this defense.



22)          Browns (Via Bucs)

                RT           Z. Jameson

                With an aging set of interior linemen, the Browns will likely need to pickup someone who is capable of taking over the starting role in the next 2 seasons                         


23)          Cowboys                            

                CB           K. Leach                              

                The Cowboys don't have many holes but CB is a spot they might want to further develop. Leach brings a great skill set to any secondary.


24           Dolphins

                CB           K. Seymour        

                After patching holes at the offensive line position this offseason, with a secondary squad that isn't getting any younger. I'm expecting a new slot DB to be picked up by the Phin’s this year, and someone like Seymour can make the transition from nickel corner to starter inside of a couple seasons


25           Bears                    

                HB          C. Raymond

                A Bears team that is a shadow of itself from last year, this team will need to address a number of positions across it's roster. None more so than RB, and Raymond seems like the workhorse that could handle 20+ carries a night in week 1. 


26           Ravens                                                

                RE           R. Ryans              

                With an offense that has been capable of steamrolling defenses, the Ravens are a passing defense away from returning to AFC championship contention, expect a safety/edge rusher to join the ravens here 


27           Jets                                                       

                LG           A. Valdez            

                Sam Darnold will need an offensive front to stay healthy this season. Valdez can provide that much needed protection.


28           Giants   (Via Lions)

                DT           M. Bruton

                I think Burton would be a good pairing with Dexter Lawrence to solidify the Giants run defense this year.


29           Titans    (Via Giants)       

                CB           D. Gilbert

                A desperate need at corner likely should have been addressed at pick number 3 but Bosher seemed like too much of a talent to pass on. Expect some reinforcements here for a replenished secondary.         


30           Broncos               

                FS           L. Hollis

                Tony Jefferson will be likely to get any play time outside of sub LB this year. After being sidelined by an early season injury, Hollis would be a nice pickup late in the first. I'd expect a safety pickup here. Potentially a WR to address the hole that an aging Julio Jones leaves in their offensive game plan                      


31           Panthers (Via Titans)      

                LOLB      J. Sturdivant      

                I think the Panthers will look to sure up their last spot at LB with the late pick here. A few years around Kuechly could be great for this kid's development.           


32           Chiefs   (Via 49ers)

                MLB       L. Vazquez         

                For a team that was ranked 31st in yards against, a new defensive leader is just what the doctor ordered.